With the name of Allah, the Impartial, the Compassionate.

(0) Introduction

What we call ‘I’, ‘you’ etc. are not the visible physical body! On the contrary, it is ‘Nafs’- soul. Body is the vehicle to travel for the soul. It is an earthen ‘frame or a mold’ developed by the Supreme Creator by mixing the sperm and ovum of father and mother respectively. When Adam- the first man was created; the entire soul of men till the Last Day were created from the single soul in the Paradise itself. So the soul of all mankind is the one as told in the verses 4:1; 7:189 and 39:6. Taking out their progeny which exists till the Last Day from the napes of Adam’s children, t he Creator asked each one of them: “Am I not your Lord, the Owner?” Then each of them replied: “Of course, we witness for it”. By doing this covenant everybody admitted that the authority for giving rules and regulations to entire mankind is their Lord only. Afterwards, they were made lifeless and sent back to the nape of Adam. Read together the verses 7: 172-173.

By making the oath in the verses 91:1-6, on the apparent six matters- sun and its hot light; consequent moon and resplendent light; the appearance of bright day; the darkening of night; the canopied sky; the earth shaped like an ostrich’s egg- Allah says in the verses 7-10: He evenly balanced the soul and gave its false way and good way. Then whoever purifies (identifies himself) will prosper, while whoever neglects to do so-doesn’t identify- will fail. The verse 76: 3 says: “Indeed We gave the man freedom to select either the way of grateful or ungrateful”. In the verse 90: 10 it is told: “Then we guided the man by two stars (two ways) one to the Hell and the other to the Paradise”. Allah became Impartial by teaching man Soul of the Qur’an which contains both ways of Satan (falsehood) and the way of Allah (Truth) from the Paradise itself as told in the verses 55: 1-4. As per the verse 10: 100, no one becomes a believer without Allah’s permission i.e. Soul of the Qur’an. Therefore it is the duty of each individual (man or woman) to confirm that he is grateful i.e. a believer by utilizing Soul of the Qur’an.

The Body:

The Creator made the body of Adam from “sounding”, “adhesive” and “foul smelling” black clay as a potter shaping a pot as told in the verse 15: 26. Then the ‘Rooh’- spirit (Life + soul) of the Creator was blown into the body as told in the verses 15: 29 and 38: 72. Then Eve, the mate of Adam was created from the soul of Adam. It is told in verse 4:1 that from “her”, “her” mate was created. In Qur’an the soul of both male and female, and the body of women are used in feminine gender, whereas the body of men is used in masculine gender.

Before men were created, the vicegerents of Allah on earth were ‘Jinns’- sprites whose bodies were created from flame as per the verse 15: 27. Afterwards when they all became transgressors on earth without bearing Lord’s representation, Angels wiped out them completely under the leadership of Iblis. At that time, Iblis who belongs to Jinn as per the verse 18: 50, had not turned to be a rebel. After this, men were created in Paradise in order to depute them to the earth as Allah’s vicegerents. The saying in the verse 45: 13 that, “everything is given to the man from their Lord” means He has taught the man Soul of the Qur’an which is the constitution, ways and practices of the Impartial Lord as well as the knowledge of past, present and future. Since mankind was taught the ‘Software’ of the Universe which is the Balance and Trust to keep the Universe in its equilibrium, the control of everything is given to him and he is honored above all creatures. So it is the duty of mankind to keep the Universe in its equilibrium by utilizing Soul of the Qur’an. But the only one among each thousand to the Paradise will take this responsibility. Such a believer who is teaching and conveying Soul of the Qur’an which is food, cloth and sight of human soul to entire mankind is not present in all over the world, then Dooms Day will occur. Read together the verses 22: 65 and 35: 45.

When the spirit of the Creator was blown in Adam, Allah commanded the assemblage of Angels including Iblis to make ‘Sujood’- prostration to Adam. Everybody made Sujood except Iblis. He was arrogant that he who was made of flame couldn’t make Sujood in front of Adam who was made of mud. Following this, he was cursed and denied mercy, and finally he was expelled from the Paradise. Consequently, he requested Allah that he should be given an opportunity to tempt and deviate man from the Straightpath. Allah gave him the opportunity till a fixed day, and also gave him all the facilities needed, as told in the verses 17: 62-64. Read together the verses 4: 116-121and 7: 16-17.

Then Allah told: Oh, Adam! Reside in the Paradise yourself and your mate. Eat fruits from the Paradise as both of you wish. But neither you nor your mate should eat the fruit of the particular tree. If you do so, you will be included among wrongdoers. Then Satan betrayed them and told them: Your Lord has not prohibited you regarding this tree, except both of you won’t become Angels or immortal. Again Satan swore to them: Definitely, I am one among your well-wishers as per the verses 7: 19-21. He won over them by tempting in this way. When both of them tasted the fruit of that tree, their private parts were revealed and began to hide those parts with the leaves from the Paradise. Their Lord called them both and asked: Didn’t We prohibit you regarding that tree? Didn’t We also tell you that Satan is surely the clear enemy to both of you? Read together the verse 7: 22. Adam, who felt sorry in heart, was given words from Allah for return into the Straightpath by repenting as per the verse 2:37. As per the verse 7:23 both of them prayed: Our Lord, we have done wrong to ourselves. If You don’t forgive us and if You don’t shower your Mercy upon us, we will definitely be included among the losers. Allah accepted their repentance. Indeed He is the Oft Forgiving; Merciful. By this event Allah taught mankind the parable of life on earth and the nature of the Satanic temptations.

When Allah sent men down to the earth from Paradise, He said: “Get you down all from here; if the Guidance has come to you from Me, then anyone who follows My Guidance, on them there shall be no fear and for them will not be grieved, is told in the verses 2: 38 and 20: 123. With the rhythmic balance of the wind, Adam carrying all the children up to the Last Day on his nape and Eve were descended into the Earth as explained in the verse 2:164.

The creation of Human Body:

Allah asks in the verse 76: 1 “Hasn’t a long period passed for men, when he was nothing worth mentioning.” This is to say that at the time of creation of Adam itself, all the souls till the Last Day has been created in the Paradise. Then the Creator decides the period, nation, tribes, parents and sex through which the individuals should be brought on Earth. Read together the verse 2: 28.

First father and mother ate food material produced from soil which contained the elements of soil. From this, blood is formed. And from its essence the Creator produced semen containing sperm and ovum (Nuthfa).The word Nuthfa is used for sperm as well as ovum. The verses 86: 5-7 says: So let every man observe what he has been created from? He is created by the water ejected from the fathers’ ‘Swulb’ (testicles in the case of men- early stage it was in between the ribs) and mothers’ ‘Thara-ib’ (pelvis region of women). And in the verse 76: 2 says: Indeed We have created man from the mixture ‘Nuthfa’ of male and female. After staying 40 days in the womb of mother as ‘Nuthfa’- embryo, then 40 days as ‘Alaqa’- clot and again 40 days as ‘Mudhu’gha’- clinging mass of flesh. The ‘soul’ situated in fathers nape is carried to the fetus in mother’s womb during fourth month through Angels. Read together the verses 22: 5; 23: 12-14 and 32: 7-9. Prophet taught as an answer to a Jew’s question that, the bones and nerves are formed from the ‘Nuthfa’ of father, whereas blood and flesh are formed from the ‘Nuthfa’ of mother. If man is compared to a computer, his body is the hardware, life is the power (electricity) and soul is the software.

The History of Men:

Adam and Eve continued to live on earth by utilizing Soul of the Qur’an which is taught from Paradise itself as explained in the verse 2: 213. Gradually, the children of Adam were deviated due to temptation of Satan and became those who lost the aim of life. When most of them became wrongdoers, Allah sent Prophets who convey glad tidings from Allah to believers and warning to disbelievers. Ten generations from Adam to Nooh lived according to Soul of the Qur’an taught from the Paradise. In due course, according to the development of society, when men were trapped by Satan, and there was nobody to represent as the vicegerent of Allah, He sent Messenger Nooh. Who is also known as ‘Manu and Noah’, and revealed for the first time the Scripture in its bodily form. The Book is only revealed to the Messengers, not to the Prophets as told in the verse 57: 25. As a result of Nooh’s instructions with the Reminder, only a few from his people believed. When Allah, the Knower of past, present and future understood that nobody will further believe, He commanded Nooh to pray to Him for a decision between believers and transgressors. As a result of this, through a flood which was spread in all areas of human inhabitance, Allah destroyed all of them and saved Nooh and believers in an ark. All the men today on Earth are the successors of those who escaped in the ark. Read together the verses 11: 48; 17: 3 and 36: 41.

A section of those who escaped were settled in Iraq. Gradually when they were seduced and became idol worshipers as well as wrongdoers, Allah sent Ibrahim as a Messenger. He insisted people about one Deity, but the people including his father decided to kill by throwing him into burning fire. Allah saved him from it as told in the verse 21: 69. The predecessors of “Aryans”, who finally arrived in India seeking pastures for grazing cattle, were from Iraq. The similarity between the worship practices of Ibrahim such as the dress style for Hajj, composite around Ka’aba keeping left etc. and the dress style and composite around temple keeping left of Brahmins may be due to the above reason. According to the command of Allah, the first child Isma’el, and his mother Hajara were brought to Mecca where the Ka’ba is situated and they settled there. Afterwards Ibrahim went back to Palestine. When the reserve water was over, Hajara ran between ‘Safa’ and ‘Marva’ hills seven times in search of water for the child, and finally ‘Zum-zum’ fountain was burst and flowed under the foot of the child. When Isma’el was fourteen years old, Allah ordered Ibrahim that his son should be sacrificed. When he was ready even for that Allah called him and told: “Enough, you have fulfilled the command! Now sacrifice this goat instead.” When he was triumphant in all these ordeals, Allah showed him the foundation of the Ka’ba, the Allah’s first house on earth, which was constructed for the worship of Allah and had been dilapidated in the flood at the time of Nooh as told in the verse 3:96. Ibrahim and Isma’el together built up the Ka’ba. Read together the verses 2: 126-127. According to the verses 14: 35- 36 though Prophet Ibrahim prayed not to include himself and his children among idol worshipers, gradually the children of Isma’el had gone astray and installed up to 360 idols at the Ka’ba, which is constructed for the worship of Allah alone.

Prophet Yoosuf, the son of Prophet Ya’qoob (also known as Isra’el), the grandson of Prophet Ishaaq who was the second son of Prophet Ibrahim; was thrown in to the well by his brothers. He was recovered by the caravan and sold in Egypt. In due course, Prophet Yoosuf became the ruler of Egypt and he brought his father Ya’qoob and all his family members to Egypt and settled there. Thus the children of Isra’el arrived in Egypt. Gradually, the teachings of Prophet Yoosuf were forgotten by the people including the children of Isra’el and they themselves immersed in cow worship and other immoral deeds. The Pharaohs from ‘Qibthi’ race became the Egyptian rulers and they suppressed the children of Isra’el and made them slaves. Then Prophet Moosa was sent by Allah to save them from Pharaohs.

Though Moosa and Haroon conducted spiritual instructions in Egypt for years, only one among the Pharaoh’s people became the believer. Finally, Allah saved Moosa and the children of Isra’el by parting the sea as told in the verse 26: 63; bestowed them with so many bounties and honored more than any other people. More than half of Prophets who have been specifically mentioned in Qur’an, including two Messengers Moosa and Jesus from among ‘Ulul-Azm’ are included in the children of Isra’el. Prophet Sulaiman who has been given the most prowess, dignity and majesty; and Prophet Davood and three pairs having father and son as Prophets also included them. Before deploying Prophet Mohammad, the leadership of world was in the hand of children of Isra’el. But they gradually became arrogant; concealed the Holy Book; assassinated some of the Prophets and even tried to kill Jesus.

By hiding the Thourath -Book from Allah- the Jewish priests lived as white colored graves and led the people to live without soul. Though Eisa preached against their exploitation and misguiding, the children of Isra’el were not ready to believe. (For details see gospel of Mathew: 23:1-36.) Only thirteen disciples from among them were ready to follow Eisa. The Jewish priests influenced the Roman Governor to crucify Eisa and at last they decided to crucify him. But the Mighty exalted Allah raised Jesus to Heaven bodily. As explained in the verses 4: 157-158 Allah raised him by whirlwind to the heaven and transformed Surjjas’ face (one of the disciple) as that of Eisa, then the Roman soldiers captured Surjjas and he was crucified. The rest of the twelve disciples trembled by facing the situation i.e. the disbelief of the people, the mocking and spy work of Jewish priests, the partiality of Roman rulers etc; could not explain to the people the fact that Eisa was raised up by the Lord of worlds. Afterwards they could not work together in a place; they disintegrated and continued preaching the Message individually in different places. Meanwhile ‘Paul’ -one of the Jew, among the enemy of Eisa came as an self-declared ‘apostle’ and started to preach a new way of belief against the Message and teaching of Eisa under the support and permission of Jews and Roman rulers. Thus they became different groups and deviated from the Straightpath. Read together the verses 3: 52-55.

After Jesus, when the world became dark and was about to be destroyed, Allah deployed Prophet Mohammad (who has been mentioned as ‘Kalki’ in the Hindu Scriptures and as the ‘steward’ or ‘the soul of truth’ in the Bible) as the last Prophet and Messenger of Islam. The ignorance of the morally degraded children of Isma’el became so dark that both male and female were encompassing the Ka’ba in the nude. In a situation in which it was impossible to live contacting the outer world, Mohammad started to live in Hira cave lonely. It was then that “Jibreel”, the Messenger from the Angels arrives with Qur’an- the right divine message. Read together the verses 53: 1-17 and 81: 19- 27. It was told Prophet Mohammad to read out first five verses from Sura 96, and when Prophet replied: “I am not one who reads”, Jibreel embraced Prophet and then breathlessly, the Soul contacted Paradise. Subsequently he read Qur’an taught from Paradise. Then in various situations, the sending down of Qur’an was completed in 23 years, step by step.

Are all ‘Religions’ true? :

Islam, natural religion is the submission of will and whole life to the Creator, or a lifestyle codified under the shadow of the whole divine Book, satisfied by Allah for entire mankind from the beginning to the Last as explained in the verses 3: 19, 85. Messengers were deputed from mankind in order to live according to the Book and to explain content in detail. In order to turn people’s attention to Allah and to frighten them, some tests such as famine, calamities and terrifying wars were tried; and some divine miracles were shown through Prophets. Even with extreme opposition, a small group of people accepted this way of life and eventually the religion of Allah established here.

Gradually, the hypocrites among prominent persons and priests themselves presented the divine miracle as the gift of Prophets; distorted religion according to their whims and interests and thus tried to put in force a new lifestyle. The Prophets were started to consider as incarnations of Allah and sons of Allah, and attributed a share in the powers and rights of Allah. In earlier days, Veda was transferred to generations through oral statements. Later years, hypocrites began to write books distortedly interpreting certain parts without considering whole Veda and adding untruths. Without trying to learn Veda’s soul, they taught the common people that Heavenly reward can be attained by ‘eating its body’ (mere reading without trying to understand the messages). Then they introduced the books such as Upanishads, gospels, mythologies and religious rituals written by their own hands as the basis of the life. Since man is hasty and hedonistic, they were prepared to follow the shortcuts made by the above said people. Subsequently various kinds of thoughts and philosophies were originated which resulted into partiality and a complex of meaningless practices and rituals. As a result of this, the Islam (the way of life satisfied by the Lord, from Adam to the last men) became just a religion. Then, in order to show Straightpath to men Allah introduces His scripture in another language through another Messenger. People who have been entirely detracted having false pride as the followers of the previous Prophet will be in the forefront in opposing this scripture and new Messenger!

All existing religious practices in the world including the traditional religion of Muslims are rejecting and denying the Qur’an. Those who dedicate their lives and pray to Allah or ‘Yehova’ or ‘Jagadeeshwar’ are believers, and those who pray, worship, chant and pay offerings to His creations such as Prophet muhammed, Badar Martyrs, Muhyadheen Sheikh, Jesus, Saints, Moosa, Uzair, Rama, Krishna and Buddha are disbelievers, whichever may be their caste, religion, dress or nationality. Whoever invokes any creatures other than the Creator is invoking only the cursed Satan is mentioned in the verses 4: 116-117. The inmates of the Hellfire are those who hide and reject the Qur’an verses after receiving It. The non-Muslims who have not received Soul of the Qur’an will not be considered as disbelievers. Qur’an is the only Scripture for entire mankind after its codification till the end of the world as per the verses 7: 157-158. Soul of the Qur’an is the words and guidance from the Creator of entire mankind including Hindus, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Atheists etc. and One who controls them and provides air, water, light and soil for them. Qur’an is the ultimate form of the previous scriptures, which testifies and confirms previous Holy books and preserves them. Scriptures have been revised without having any changes in the basic principles, just as college and school text books are being revised periodically. And this revision has been made not as separate books for Hindus, Christians and Muslims.

Today in the entire society the natural Islam is reflected comparatively more in Hindus, Christians and even in Atheists than Muslims; if anyone observes through the light of Qur’an. Since Prophet Mohammad is the last Prophet and Qur’an exists in the same language form as it was presented, there does not arise the need of new book or messenger. When the Muslims deviate from the principles of Qur’an and reach the state of ignorance by darkening their entire life, the result will be the end of the world. Before that, Allah will bring again Jesus into the world in order to emphasize the reality of Islam for the entire world. Qur’an and Prophet Mohammad are Mercy as mentioned in the verses 21:107and 25:1. Muslims all over the world except in Hijas (the Provinces include Mecca and Madeena) will be misled by Maseeh-A-Ddhajjal (Anti-Christ) who comes before Jesus. By the second coming of Jesus, Islam -the Lord’s way of life- will be put into force, and onwards everybody will realize that Islam is the only comprehensive and complete way of life.

The Book (Al- Kithab):

The Creator of all who created Heaven and earth and all the things in between them from nothingness, is the Omniscient. And Qur’an being, His wise words are the knowledge of three times-present, past and future. One third of Qur’an verses are concerned with past, one third with present and one third with future- the warning of the events to be happened. First of all, He documented and kept the Qur’an in a safe compact disc which is the constitution of the Universe and the ways and practice of all time which is called “Al-Kithab”-The Book. Read together the verses 56: 77-78 and 85: 21-22.

The Scripture was periodically revealed from the Paradise to the Earth having the same soul with different bodies. That is to say, if the body of Bhagavatgeetha is Sanskrit, the body of Thourath is Hebrew, the body of Injeel is Aramaic, and the body of Qur’an is Arabic, the soul (Adhikr) is the same. Qur’an means The Book for repeated reading. So all the scriptures revealed is Qur’an. As per the verses 15: 90-91 it can understand that the previous Book revealed was The Qur’an .The ‘Zaboor’ (Psalm) mentioned in the verses 4:163 and 21:105 is Qur’an itself. Only the difference is it was in poetical form. ‘Adhikr’ means the soul of the Book in ones heart’s language. It is the food, cloth and sight of human soul as told in the verses 6:104 7:26; 11: 88. Prophet taught that what is meant by seven verses mentioned in 15:87 is ‘Ummulkithab’- Fathiha. Both in the verses 13:39 and 43:4 it is mentioned that Ummulkithab-mother of the Book- is with Allah. If all messengers have been presented with Qur’an only, Alkithab which consists of both Qur’an and Ummulkithab itself was presented to Prophet Mohammad.

Ar-Rooh (The spirit):

As per the verses 4: 171; 15: 29; 32: 9; 38: 72 it is told that all the men including Prophet Jesus have been given ‘Rooh’ from the ‘Rooh’ of Creator. As per the verses 16: 102; 26: 193; 78: 38 the Angel Jibreel has been mentioned as ‘Rooh’. In the verses 16: 2 and 42: 52 Qur’an has been mentioned as ‘Rooh’. If Soul of the Qur’an is the soul of the Book and the meaning is its life, then ‘Rooh’ is ‘Kalimath’ combined by soul and life.

What is the difference between sleep and death?

Sleep is a minor death. During sleep only soul is departed from the body and life is not departed as explained in the verses 6: 60 and 39: 42, while in death both the soul and life are departed. That means ‘Rooh’- Spirit- is departed. One has the soul, only when the remembrance about of Allah is maintained with Soul of the Qur’an. Those who don’t have it are in the state of sleep; they have only life without soul. This is the reason for saying that the hypocrites who knowingly hide Soul of the Qur’an are equal to killed people as told in the verses 2:99; 63: 4; 80: 17.

What is Qur’an?

In the verse 36: 69 says: This is nothing but a ‘Dhikr’ and a clear Qur’an. ‘Dhikr’ mentioned here is the ‘Soul of the Qur’an and the Arabic text is its body. When the servant contacts with his Master through the opening Sura ‘Fathiha’ which is the mother of Qur’an (Ummul Qur’an), there is a request “Show us the Straightpath”. As an answer to this, Qur’an-the Straightpath as mentioned in the verse 6: 126 which includes the verses from Sura Baqara to Sura An-nas is given. There are 114 Suras in Qur’an. Since there is not completely mentioned a specific subject in a particular sura, it can’t be called a chapter or lesson. Entire sentences in Qur’an which contains 6236 verses are highly philosophical and independent. The verse is called ‘Ayath’. ‘Ayath’ has the meaning such as sign, divine miracle and evidence. In other words, each verse of Qur’an is a sign.


The Angel Jibreel appeared and vested The Qur’an into the heart of Prophet Mohammad and the Prophet who did not know to read and write wanted some of his followers who were literate, to record those verses in such and such Suras. They recorded them accordingly. In certain situations a Surath was revealed as a whole. Every year in the month of ‘Ramdhan’ in which Qur’an was revealed, Jibreel used to hear by making Mohammad read Qur’an. In this way, during the last ‘Ramdhan’ of Prophet’s life, he made Mohammad read Qur’an and heard it twice. During the evening of the Prophet’s life, religious renounce originated under the leadership of the pseudo prophet ‘Musailimathul kadhab’. Then during the rule of Aboobaker-the first Khaleefa- a war took place with them. In this war, a lot of Qur’an by hearted believers became martyrs. Due to fear that Qur’an may be lost unless it is preserved in the form of a Book, it was codified during the period of Aboobaker by the encouragement of Umer. Those who had Qur’an by hearted were assembled together under the leadership of Zaid-ibn-Thabith, one of the writers, and also called to bring the scripts available with them written in leather scrolls, palm leaves and bones. By comparing all these scripts with the by hearted Qur’an the first edition of the book form of Qur’an which is seen today, was formed. That edition was entrusted with the Prophet’s wife Hafza in order to preserve. The manuscripts copies had with others were compared and confirmed with this edition. Gradually, when Islam was spread into various countries, more editions of Qur’an became necessary. Thus during the period of Usman eight imprints were taken and sent to various countries. Reading regulations were made not to lose congruence of ideas due to changes in the reading of Qur’an when the languages of the different countries varied. Through the verses 75:16-19 Allah says: “Move not your tongue concerning the Qur’an to make haste with. It is for Us to collect It as well as how to recite It. So when We have recited It (through Jibreel) follow Its method of recitation. It is then We who must explain It”. The verse 20:114 says: exalted is Allah, the true controller. Do not hurry while reading the Qur’an before its revelation has been accomplished for you. But pray “Oh my Lord! Increase me the knowledge”. The verse 15: 9 says: “Indeed We Ourselves have sent down the Reminder -Soul of the Qur’an; just as We are safeguarding It”. So it’s clear that Qur’an should be read, learnt

and taught according to the codified order from Sura Baqara downwards.

Soul of the Qur’an (Adhikr)

Adhikr-Soul of the Qur’an is the only Book revealed from the Paradise. It is a splendid book, no falsehood shall approach It either before or after codification since it is a revelation from the one who is wise, Praiseworthy. Nothing has been told to you except what has been told Messengers before you. Whoever hides Adhikr after receiving It will have severe punishment. See the verses 41: 41-43. Through the verse 21: 24 Allah command Prophet to say, “This is ‘Adhikr’ (The Message) with me and the Message as well as whoever came before me”. Allah has never told that the body of Qur’an will be preserved eternally; on the other hand, it is told that the ‘Adhikr’ (soul) will be preserved as told in the verse 15:9.

The verse 38: 8 says: Has ‘Adhikr’ been revealed just to him among us? Nay, they are in doubt about the ‘Dhikree’; rather they have not tasted any torment! Here as well as in the verses, 18: 100 and 20: 14, 124; ‘Dhikree’ means only Soul of the Qur’an. The ‘Adhikra’ mentioned in the verses 6: 90; 7: 2; 11: 120; 51:55 and 89:23 also means Soul of the Qur’an. The word ‘Adhikr’ is mentioned about 100 places in Qur’an. In all these places, ‘Adhikr’ is Soul of the Qur’an. Through the verse 63: 9 by addressing the believers Allah says: Your property or children should not obstruct you from ‘Dhikrillah’; if anybody acts in that way, then such will be the losers. Here ‘Dhikrillah’ means Allah’s Remembrance, but the message is only Soul of the Qur’an. Because the remembrance of Allah is possible anywhere he is. Then what is meant by the ‘Dhikrillah’ is the assemblage where is explaining Soul of the Qur’an; or the ‘Qutuba’ (Speech) mentioned in 62: 9. So ‘Qutuba’ must be the explaining of Soul of the Qur’an. It is told in the verse 29: 45 that, ‘the Remembrance of Allah with Soul of the Qur’an is the greatest’.

The Ticket (Thadhkirah)

Soul of the Qur’an is the Ticket to anyone who likes to return to the Paradise. Both the verses 73:19 and 76:29 say indeed this is a Ticket for anyone who wishes to adopt a way to his Lord. But as per the verse 69:48 it is told that it will be used as a ticket by the heedful only, means the one who follow Soul of the Qur’an. As per the verse 39:33 it is told that he who reaches the Truth and he makes it truthful, such are the only heedful. As per the verses 74:49-51 it is told about the disbelievers that what is wrong with them that they flee from the ‘Tadkirah’ as if they were affrighted wild donkeys running away from a roaring lion? As per the verse 26:212 it is told that indeed Satans have been prevented from hearing Soul of the Qur’an, but not from hearing the body or meaning of Qur’an.

The Guidance (Huda)

In the verse 20:123 it is told that should Guidance ever come to you from Me, then anyone who follows My Guidance shall never stray away nor be regretted. Guidance is The Book which is come forever from Allah. Soul of the Qur’an is the only Guidance to entire mankind as per the verses 2:2, 38,185. Even though Soul of the Qur’an is revealed as the Guidance for all worlds, the believers only accept It as the Guidance. The verses 7:52, 203; 16:64 etc ends as Soul of the Qur’an is the Guidance and Mercy for the people who believe. The Impartial Lord will not punish any people unless they received the Guidance. The verse 17:15 says, whoever accept the Guidance is for his own benefit; who goes astray by rejecting It, then the soul makes her own loss: No bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another: and nor would We punish until We had sent a Messenger.

The Criterion (Furqan)

The Criterion-Furqan is Soul of the Qur’an by which the only way to Paradise and different ways to Hell in entire life can be separated or the Truth and false in all places and time can be distinguished. Both in the verses 2:185 and 25:1 it is told that Qur’an is sent down as Guidance or warnings to entire world and a Criterion for discriminating Truth and untruth. Furqan, Soul of the Qur’an, is the touchstone to recognize the way of Allah and the ways of Satan.

The Explanation (Bayan)

The verse 3: 138 says, Soul of the Qur’an is an Explanation –Bayan, for mankind, as well as the Guidance and Instruction for the heedful. Both in the verses 6:38, 16: 89 it is told that Soul of the Qur’an is explained everything and is a Guidance, a Mercy, and good news for those who submit everything to Allah. To the Prophet not only Qur’an, but other unrecorded divine message has also been revealed. The verses 53: 2-3 it is told that “Prophet won’t pronounce of his own desire, and it is no less than divine message received through inspiration”. So the life and sayings of the Prophet Mohammad is the explanation of Qur’an indeed from Allah. But as per the verse 4: 64 it is ordered that if the saying of Prophet is contradicting against any word of Qur’an should not be accepted. Through the verse 7: 203 Allah orders the Prophet to say: I follow only what has been inspired in me by my Lord. In all the verses such as 17: 41; 18: 54; 30: 58 and 39: 27 it is told that We have explained all sort of examples for mankind in this Book. Read together in the verse 75: 19

The Balance (Meezan)

The verse 42: 17 says that He is the One who has sent down the Book with the Truth, and as the Balance. In the verse 57: 25 Allah says that surely We send Our Messengers with clear signs and send down with them the Book and the Balance- scales of Justice. Here all the three words- the clear signs, the Book and the Balance mean Soul of the Qur’an. So the Qur’an is the Balance to keep the Universe in its equilibrium, but only believers will utilize It as the Balance throughout life. Whoever not makes judgment in his individual, family and social life as per Soul of the Qur’an, such are the disbelievers wrong-doers and transgressors according to the verses 5: 44, 45 and 47 respectively.

The Truth (Haq)

Through the verse10: 108 Allah orders the Prophet to say: “Oh mankind! The ‘Truth’ has reached you from your Lord! Anyone who accepts It as Guidance is guided only for his own sake; while any soul who strays away, will only become loss at her own risk, for I am not a custodian over you. The verse 39: 41 says ‘‘We have sent down you the Book with ‘Truth’ for mankind. Anyone who is guided will be so for his own sake, while anyone who goes astray will only stray because of it as well, you are not a custodian over them’’. If not utilize Soul of the Qur’an as Balance or Truth in this world, there will not be any weight on the Day of Judgment as explained in the verses 7: 8-9. In the verses like 34: 26 ; 39: 69, 75 it is told that the judgment will be made with Truth-Soul of the Qur’an among them on the Day of Judgment.

The Justice (Qisthw)

Through the verse 5: 8 by calling believers Allah says, act steadfast for Allah under the shade of Qur’an, as witnesses with the Justice. What is meant by this is: You do Justice with Qur’an. The meaning of ‘Qisthw’ told in verses such as 4: 135 and 57: 25 is definitely Soul of the Qur’an. The verses 5: 42, 49: 9 and 60: 8 end as indeed Allah like those who do justice with Soul of the Qur’an. Both in the verses 17: 35 and 26: 182 it is told that you should weigh with ‘Qisthwasul Musthaqeem’ -means, indeed you should weigh with the balance of justice which is the Straightpath.

The Insight (Baswa’er)

In the verses 6: 104; 7: 203 and 45: 20 it is told that Soul of the Qur’an is the Insight for entire mankind; and if anybody uses It, the benefit will be for himself; and also if anybody pretends to be blind regarding It, the harm will be for his own soul. Insight means the instrument which shows to each soul -male or female- her seat in the hereafter whether it is in Hell or in Paradise. This is also an instrument which shows in advance whether one sees the ugly face of Satan or the pleasant face of Allah at the time of death i.e. by utilizing Soul of the Qur’an as Insight one can analyze whether he belongs to the party of Satan or the party of Allah.

The Proof (Burhan)

The Proof the clear light mentioned in the verse 4: 174 as well as the Mercy, Bounty and the Straightpath mentioned in the verses 4: 175 is Soul of the Qur’an. Only for those who can quote a word from Qur’an as a proof for any matter, Qur’an will argue in favor and will stand as a witness for them. The verse 28: 75 says We shall drag a witness out of every community and We shall say: “bring on your proof”! Then they will realize that indeed the Truth belongs to Allah while whatever they were inventing has left them in the lurch. In the verse 21: 24 three names ‘Burhan’, ‘Haqq’ and ‘Dhikr’ is used for Soul of the Qur’an. Therefore each individual should have a proof from Soul of the Qur’an to clear their activities in front of His Lord in the Day of Judgment.

The Light (An-Noor)

In the verse 24: 35 it is told that Allah is the Light of Heaven and Earth. Through the verses 5: 16-17 say, indeed a Light and clear Book have been brought to you from Allah with which He will guide anyone who seeks His approval along the ways of peace; He leads them out of darkness into the light by His Permissions, and guides them to the Straightpath. The Light, the Permission and Straightpath mentioned in the verses 5: 16-17 is Soul of the Qur’an. The verse 7: 157 ends as, those who follow the Light which is sent down with the prophet; such will be the only prosperous. The Light mentioned in the verse 64: 8 is also Soul of the Qur’an. By burning the Satanic habits such as pride, jealousy, arrogance, selfishness etc with the Light-Soul of the Qur’an, one can fulfill the aim of life. Read together the verse 42: 52. Knowledge, Guidance and enlightening Book mentioned in both verses 22: 8 and 31: 20 is Soul of the Qur’an

Goal of life is to go back to Allah the Paradise itself by burning all the Satanic characteristics such as arrogance, envy and pride with the Light, Soul of the Qur’an. Both in the verses 9: 32 and 61: 8 it is told that hypocrites try to extinguish the light by blowing with their mouth; but Allah will indeed perfect His light. As per the verse 66: 8 the believers’ prayer will be always that “Our Lord, perfect our Light for us, and grant us forgiveness; indeed you are capable of everything’’.

The Witness (Shahid)

As per the verse 11: 17 Allah says that what about someone who is upon a clear Evidence from his Lord and to whom a witness from Him is reciting while Moosa’s Book remain before It, as a Guide and a Mercy? Such persons believe with it; anyone from the factions rejects It, then fire is promised to him, so you should not be in any doubt about It. Indeed It is the Truth from your Lord. Yet many among men do not believe. The verse 2: 121 ends as, whoever hides Soul of the Qur’an such are the only losers. Through the verse 2: 140 Allah ask “who is more unjust than those who hide Soul of the Qur’an-the witness from Allah?” As per the verse 6:19 both Allah and Soul of the Qur’an is great witness. Through the verses 2: 143 and 22: 78 it is commanded that believers should understand Prophet Mohammad from Soul of the Qur’an and should witness that life to the entire mankind.

The Wisdom (Hikmath)

Soul of the Qur’an is mentioned as Wise reminder in the verse 3:58. In the verse 11: 1 it is told that this is a Book with full of philosophical verses, further it is explained in detail. This Book is sent down from the One who is Wise, Encompassed all. It is told in the verse 2: 269 that He gives Wisdom to anyone He wishes and anyone He gives Wisdom to, receives an abundant Boon. It is told in the verse 36: 2 that Qur’an is full of Wisdom. Otherwise ‘Hikmath’ is called the ability to understand Qur’an verses by combining and comparing with similar verses. In the verse 31: 12 it is told that Luqman has been endowed with Wisdom in order to acknowledge his gratitude to Allah.

The Advice (Mouidhath)

The verse 16: 125 says, invite to your Lord’s way with ‘Hikmath’ and best Advice. Here the ‘Hikmath’ means the highly philosophical and wise verses of Qur’an. The verse10: 57 says, Oh mankind! Advice has been come to you from your Lord, healing for whatever is in your chests; plus Guidance and Mercy for believers. So in the case of believers ‘Mouidhath’ is best advice and in the case of mankind it’s warning. ‘Mouidhath’ is used as lesson in the verse 2: 66. As per the verse 3: 138 ‘Mouidhath’ is used as best advice. In the verse 24: 34 it is told that: We have already sent down to you verses making things clear, an illustration from the story of people who passed away before you and a best advice for those heedful. What is meant by ‘Mouidhath’ is similar observance and figure of the ‘Hikmath’ verses of Qur’an for today’s which having clear in ideas and full of wisdom. In the verse 25: 33 the ‘Mouidhath’ is mentioned as the best explanation.

The Healing (Shifa’)

If it is told in the verse 10: 57 that Qur’an is Healing for entire mankind, it is told in the verse 41: 44 that Qur’an is the Guidance and Healing for those who believe. In the verse 17: 82 it is told that there are Healing and Mercy with Qur’an for believers; but for wrongdoers it cause nothing but loss over loss. If it is told in the verse 9: 124 that the Qur’an will increase the faith of believers, it is told in the verse 125 that for hypocrites -those who have disease in their hearts, it will increase filth over filth. The verse 69: 50 says: Indeed Qur’an is a cause of sorrow for disbelievers. So one will become a believer only if he is convinced with Soul of the Qur’an by which he has to clear all doubts in all matters.

The Mercy (Rahmath), the Bounty (Fadhl)

Both in the verses 2:105 and 3: 74 Allah says, For His mercy He specially chooses whom He pleases, for Allah is the Lord of Bounties unbounded. Here what is meant by Mercy and Bounty is Soul of the Qur’an. Through the verse 10: 58 Allah commands Prophet to say: let them rejoice with the Bounty and Mercy of Allah that is better than anything they are earning. While explaining this, Prophet taught: ‘among you the best one is those who learn and teach Soul of the Qur’an’. The Prophet also taught: Qur’an is prosperity, after that there is no poverty; and without It there is no prosperity. The verse 76: 31 says, He will admit anyone He wishes in to His Mercy, while He has kept prepared painful torment for wrongdoers. Through the verse 47: 24 Allah asks: Do they not then earnestly seek to understand and be proud with the Qur’an, or are their hearts locked up about it? Through the verse 67: 22 Allah asks: then someone who walks prone on their face better guided than someone who walks properly along a Straightpath? Those who are living despicably in this world after receiving Qur’an and without having something to cling to, they will be dragged into the Hell prone on their faces; and they are the people who have gone astray and will be in a most evil plight as mentioned in the verses 17: 97-98 and 25: 34. Read together the verses 3:79 and 4: 113.

The Forefront (Imam)

Both in the verse 11: 17 and 46: 12 the Qur’an and Thourath are mentioned as Imam-leader- and Mercy. As per the verse 17: 71 it is told: On the Day of Judgment We shall call together all mankind with their respective leaders. Those who are given their record in their right hand will read it with pleasure. And they will not be dealt with unjustly in the least. The verse 72 continues as: Those who were blind towards the Imam in this world will be more blinded in the Hereafter, and most astray from the path. See the explanation 2: 6-7. The verses 17: 13-14 say: We have tied every man’s fate around his neck; and We shall produce a book for him on the day of judgment that he will find it as an illuminated open book. It will be said to him: ‘Read your own book: sufficient is yourself this Day to make out an account of you’. The book mentioned in the verses 18: 49; 39: 69 and 45: 28-29 is the same. Therefore, whoever hears, reads, thinks and discuss with others about Soul of the Qur’an throughout his entire life, his book of deeds will be worth-reading and gaining weight in the balance. They are the people who receive the Book in the right hand. The Prophet taught: You should keep up Qur’an in forefront of you as Imam. Qur’an is from Allah and withdraws into Him. If you make it behind, it will push you into Hell. In all the verses such as 7: 170; 29: 45 and 35: 29 it is commanded to give first preference to Soul of the Qur’an than any other deed including ‘Swalath’ (Five time’s Prayer).

The Safeguard (Muhaimin)

As per the verse 59: 23 Allah and 5: 48 Soul of the Qur’an is ‘The Muhaimin’. It means safeguard, preserve, protect, supervise, maintain and support etc. Then what we understand by saying, ‘Qur’an is the Safeguard of the Book’ is that the essence of all divine learning contained in previous books is vested in Soul of the Qur’an. Soul of the Qur’an will exist safely till the end of the world. Though the verses of Allah and the human sayings are intermingled in the existing previous Scriptures, through the witness of Soul of the Qur’an they can be understood distinctly. Therefore, Soul of the Qur’an will safeguard the believer and his family, houses, property from all disasters in this world and from the Hell in the Hereafter.

The Speech (Hadeeth)

The verse 4: 78 ends as, what is wrong with such these people that they cannot understand this Speech. Both the verses 4: 87, 122 end with a question that whose speech can be truer than Allah’s? The verses 7: 185 and 77: 50 end with a question: then what Speech after this will they go to believe in? The verse 45: 6 ends as, what Speech will they believe after rejecting Allah and His verses? All the Hadeeth specified in above verses as well as specified in verses 52: 34 and 68: 44 means Soul of the Qur’an. The best speech specified in verse 39: 23 is also Soul of the Qur’an. The best Speech is the words of Allah, which is Soul of the Qur’an. At the same time the sayings of Prophet is Hadiya -the explanation of Qur’an which is received beyond reason. But today, the Book bearers who could not distinguish between the soul and body, consider the sayings of the Prophet as Hadeeth, and thus make both the sayings of Prophet and Qur’an false. In other words, in order to understand the Qur’an, Qur’an itself is enough. But Hadiya, the saying of Prophet is to understand its explanation. For example, Qur’an has told about the prayer of the soul. But the prayer (Swalath) in which body also participates, is explained as the teaching of Prophet. Through the verse 20: 14 Allah ordered Prophet and believers to establish regular Swalath in order to preserve Soul of the Qur’an. Then, without reading Soul of the Qur’an which is the Speech or news of the Creator for entire mankind; if anyone reads any other things like newspaper, organizational publications, literary books, material education books etc, he is ungrateful and disbeliever. Read together the verses 2: 23-24.

The Ways and Practice (Sunnath)

The Ways and Practice of Allah is Qur’an itself. In another sense, Qur’an is the knowledge of the past, present and future of the all-knowing Lord. In the verse 17: 77 it is told that this was Our practice with the Messengers We sent before you. You will find no changes in our ways. In the verse 33:61 Allah says about hypocrites and their blind followers: cursed people, whenever and wherever they are found, they shall be seized and slain one by one. Then the verse 62 continues: such is Allah’s practice with those who have passed on before; you will never find any change in Allah’s practice. Through the verse 35: 43 Allah asks, are they only waiting for what happened to primitive people? Yet you will never find any change in Allah’s Practice, nor will you ever find any postponement for Allah’s Practice.

The verse 68: 4 says; indeed you have been with tremendous character. Here mentioned ‘tremendous character’ is the character of Qur’an. The practice of Prophet also was indeed Qur’an. But today by ignoring the ‘Hadeeth’ and ‘Sunnath’ of Allah, Muslims follow the books written by His creatures. Moreover they blame the believers that they are without ‘Hadeeth’ and ‘Sunnath’. If a people do injustice to their Prophets or reject the verses of Allah, they cannot continue in that place for a long time. Either Allah’s punishment will destroy them, or any other people will conquer them. Or else the followers of Prophet will survive them. This will definitely be the Practice of Allah to Muslims who live by ignoring Soul of the Qur’an. If the people are not trying to implement and propagate Allah’s Book, Allah will substitute another people in their place who are ready for it as explained in the verse 4: 133.

The Message (Risalath)

The verse 5: 67 says; Oh Messenger! Deliver whatever has been sent down to you by your Lord. If you do not do so, you will not have conveyed His Message. Allah will defend you from mankind: certainly Allah will not guide the people who hide Soul of the Qur’an. As per the verse 7: 62 Prophet Nooh told his people: I delivered my Lord’s Messages to you and counseled you sincerely. I know something from Allah that you don’t know. As per verses 7: 68 Prophet ‘Hood’, 7: 79 Prophet Swalih and 7: 93 Prophet Shuhaib said that Oh my people! I have delivered my Lord’s Messages to you, and counseled you sincerely, then why should I grieve over a disbelieving people? Soul of the Qur’an is the Message from Paradise for the entire creatures from the Creator of all. Then whoever received, read and understood It but not molded their life accordingly will have to return Hell, the home of disbeliever Satan. Generally whatever may be the language of a message (visa, appointment order etc.) which has been received for achievement in material life, man is cautious enough to understand it and work accordingly. While the ‘Letter’ of the Creator in ones heart’s language is received but not using and not giving others to use, then he will be the ungrateful and the lost one as explained in the verse 6: 26.

The Trust (Amanath)

The verse 33: 72 says: We did indeed offer the Trust to Heaven and Earth and to the mountains. Yet they refused to carry It, and shrank back from It. But men accepted It; he has been unjust and ignorant. The verse 73 continues: the purpose of the ‘Amanath’ revealed is to punish the hypocritical men and hypocritical women, and men and women who associate others with Allah. However Allah relents with believing men and believing women, Allah is forgiving Merciful. It is told in both verses 23: 8 and 70: 32 that the succeeding believers will preserve their trusts and their pledges. Since Soul of the Qur’an is the Trust and Balance to keep the Universe in its equilibrium, Muslims, the carriers of It if not ready to utilize It and not giving other people to utilize It as the Balance and Trust in order to keep the universe in its equilibrium; Allah will entrust It to a people who will not hide It as mentioned in the verse 6: 89. Today, the believers should utilize all their times, property and all other blessings for learning and teaching Soul of the Qur’an-The Trust.

The Interpretation (Thafseer)

Through the verse 25: 33 Allah says, they will not come to you with any question –example, unless We will bring you the Truth and the best Interpretation, so that nobody need ask such question till the Day of Judgment. From this we can understand that the true Interpretation of Qur’an is from Allah and not from prophet or any other persons. The verse 4: 105 says, We have sent the Book down to you with the Truth so that you may judge among mankind as Allah intends. As per the command of the verse 20: 114, whenever begin to hear, think and tell about Soul of the Qur’an, one should politely pray by his mind: “Oh my Lord, increase me knowledge”. Qur’an should be explained with Qur’anic verses and the Prophet’s sayings. So one who explains Qur’an should never say, ‘my opinion is this’. But he should consider that Allah is explaining through His servant. The explanation of Qur’anic verses as in today’s situations is called ‘Mouidath’. In other words, ‘Mouidath’ -similar examples and figures of the Wisdom verses- is the interpretation as explained in the verse 3: 138.

What for Qur’an?

Soul of the Qur’an is meant for identifying the losers such as the disbelievers, wrongdoers, arrogant, Mujrims (madmen), transgressors, sinners, aimless men, heedless men, doubters, frustrated ones, associates, forgers, rejecters, mischief makers, squanderers, repudiators, aggressors, trespassers etc. and not to include in those groups. Also meant to travel through the only way of Paradise without falling in Hell, being entrapped by Satan or ‘Thagooth’ -Arrogant force.

For getting response to the appeals and for accepting Swalath, Zakkath, fasting and hajj etc, there are two conditions specified in the verse 2: 186. (1). follow Soul of the Qur’an as should be followed (2). Believe in Allah as per Soul of the Qur’an submitting. The literate can only become believer with Soul of the Qur’an-the permission of Allah as told in the verse 10:100. Both the verses 13:14 and 40:50 end as ‘the prayer of disbelievers will not increase except astray’.

Both in the verses 18:57 and 32: 22 it is told that who does more wrong than one who is reminded the verses of his Lord in his heart’s language, then turns away from them, forgetting the deeds which his hands have sent forth? Indeed We shall exact due retribution to such Mujrims. As per the verses 28: 48 the disbelievers say “(about Qur’an and Thourath) ‘double sorcery’ to back each other up” and they say: “we disbelieve in everything”. As per the verses 49-50 Allah commands Prophet to say: “bring a Book from Allah’s presence which will be better Guide than either of them, so that I may follow It, if you are Truthful”. If they do not respond to you, then know they are merely following their own whims. Who is more misguided than someone who follows his own whim without having any Guidance from Allah? Indeed Allah will not guide such wrongdoing people to the Straightpath.

It is told in the verses 2: 6-7 as to the disbelievers who knowingly hide Soul of the Qur’an, is the same whether you warn them or do not warn them, they still will not believe. Allah has sealed their hearts and hearing; and over their sights hangs a veil; and for them have grievous torment. The verse 63: 6 says: It is the same whether, you ask for their forgiveness or not ask for their forgiveness, Allah will never forgive them, indeed Allah will never guide such transgressing people. The verse 9: 67 ends as indeed the hypocrites, they are the transgressors. Both in the verses 9: 68 and 13: 25 it is told that on them is the curse and for them is the terrible home. In the verse 39: 63 Allah says: Those who hide the verses of Allah, such are the losers. And in the verse 2: 99 it is told: None hide the verses of Allah except who are transgressors. The verse 7: 102 says: We did not find any agreement was ever kept by most of them, although We did find most of them as transgressors. Through the verse 59: 19 by addressing the believers Allah says: you should not be like the people who forgot Allah, when they forgot Allah, they forgot themselves. Such are only the transgressors. The believers keep Allah in their hearts with Soul of the Qur’an as explained in the verses 2: 152; 3: 190-191; 4: 103. Both in the verse 63: 4 and 80: 17 it is told that the hypocrites who hide Soul of the Qur’an are killed by Allah. The verses 51: 10-11say those who live as intoxicated and careless after getting Soul of the Qur’an are killed. The verse 41: 41 says, certainly those who hide Soul of the Qur’an when it is come to them will have severe torment.

Those who hide the clear Proofs and Guidance, after We have made It clear in the Book for mankind will have Allah’s curse and that of those who are entitled to curse; except on those who repent, reform and say openly before what he was hiding; I will accept their repentance, for I am the Receiver of repentance, the Merciful, is told both in the verses 2: 159-160; 3: 86-89. Then the verse 2: 161 says, surely those who are disbelievers and die as ‘Kuffar’, they are the ones on whom the curse of Allah the Angels and of all humankind. In the verse 4: 140 Allah says: He will collect the hypocrites who quote Qur’an verses out of place, distort them and hide them, and also the disbelievers who listen to it -all together in the Hell. As the verse 4: 145 the hypocrites will go to Hell even without trial. The verse 46: 35 ends with the question shall any people will be destroyed except those who are transgressors? As well as the verse 6: 47 ends as: will any be destroyed except the people who are wrongdoers? In short, the world will end when all the people will become wrongdoers or transgressors. Therefore, the only way to prolong the life of the Universe is to convey Soul of the Qur’an to entire mankind.

The verse 7:40 says, “indeed those who reject Our verses and treat them with arrogance, will not open the gates of Heaven, nor will they enter the Paradise until the camel can pass through the eye of the tailor’s needle. Such is the reward for the Mujrims’’. The verse 10: 17 says, then who does more wrong than the one who invents a lie against Allah, or rejects His verses without trying to understand, indeed, He will not allow to prosper such Mujrims. In Qur’an more than fifty verses mention about the Mujrims. In all these places Mujrims include the hypocrites who knowingly hide Soul of the Qur’an, and the Fujjar- plural of Fajir- who eat the body of Qur’an without trying to understand the soul. When believers recite the verse 1: 7: “Not the path upon whom your wrath happened”, they should bear in mind the way of hypocrites and when they say: “And not who go astray” they should bear in mind the way of Fujjar who follow blindly hypocrites.

To form Faith in Allah:

As per the verse 59: 23 Allah is the believer. To become a believer the knowledge about Him submitting by 6236 verses should be formed. Since Allah is impartial by teaching Soul of the Qur’an which contains the only way to Him and different ways of Satan. The believer who represents Him on earth should consider Soul of the Qur’an as the Balance and Trust to keep the Universe in its equilibrium and propagate It throughout the world. Those who hide and reject Soul of the Qur’an which is the Food, cloth and sight of the human souls are hypocrites and disbelievers Since they are serving the disbeliever Satan, they are the inmates of Hell from among mankind as mentioned in the verses 2: 39, 9: 68, 48:6 etc. Therefore to distinguish the way of the Lord and Satan in every time and place Soul of the Qur’an should be utilized as Criterion and Insight. In Qur’an there are ninety nine verses which describe Satan.

One may become heedful by keeping Allah in his heart with Soul of the Qur’an, or may become ‘Muhsin’-one who lives under the light-Soul of the Qur’an. To understand character and nature of the winners such as forerunners -Those who enter the Paradise without trail, virtuous men, reformers, justice men, devotees, men of patience, men of perseverance, heedful, truthful, honorable men who entered the Paradise and to follow them, the Ticket- Soul of the Qur’an is a must.

The verse 16:97 says: whether man or woman whoever do honorable deeds and he is a believer, indeed We will give him a pure glorious life in this world and We will give reward according to their best deeds in this world. Today the best deed is to learn and teach Soul of the Qur’an. Read together the verse 40:40.

To form Faith in Angels:

The Angels are a peculiar creature, created from the light. They are all believers who do not disobey Allah In anything He commands them. And they do whatever they ordered to. They are considered as the governing servants of the Universe. They are also acting as the messengers to convey the Message from the Lord to human messengers. To put it brief Soul of the Qur’an should be utilized as Insight to fulfill the belief in Angels i.e. who are Angels? Do they know the hidden things? What is their role in the governing system of Universe? What is their connection with man? How they differ from Jinns? What is their peculiarity from other creations etc.? In Qur’an there are ninety nine verses which describe the Angels. Read together the verses13:13; 16:2; 19:64.

To understand about Jinns, Soul of the Qur’an is necessary. They had been created from the flames of fire before human being. Just like men they have freedom either to be grateful or ungrateful. For each and every man there is a Jinn companion staying as his soul mate. In brief, nobody can become a believer without reforming his Soul mate, who whispers in the breast of mankind, with Soul of the Qur’an as specified in the verses 114: 4-6. Read together the verses 43: 36-39 and 50: 27-30.

To form Faith in Books:

When we understand the contents of Qur’an as a whole, then only the belief in Book is formed. From the Lord of the world, only one Book has been sent down to Earth. The soul of the Book is the same, whereas only the bodies are different. See the explanation 2: 2. If the books sent down during different periods include the rules and regulations for those particular periods, Soul of the Qur’an which testifies and safeguards the previous books is for the entire mankind. See the explanation 5: 48.Soul of the Qur’an as mentioned in the verses 41: 43 is a Splendid Book which explained all things; it is invisible, unique and impossible to undergo corrections and amendments. Through the verses 2: 23-24 and 10: 38 Allah has challenged to produce a Sura similar to that of 114 Suras in Qur’an. Subsequently Qur’an has told that even if men and Jinns work together it will be impossible for them to accept that challenge. The verse 21: 10 says: “We have sent down a Book for you. In which you have been remembered. Then will you not utilize your intelligence?’’ Prophet taught that whoever identified himself, he recognized his Lord. Then it is clear that this Book is meant for recognizing the Lord, oneself and aim of life. As per the verses 8: 22 and 55 in the sight of Allah the worst creatures are those who act as deaf and dumb without using their intelligence to understand Soul of the Qur’an. Read together the verse 98:6. In order to desist from the forbidden of Qur’an, one should know Its contents. As per the verse 54: 17 it is made very easy to understand Soul of the Qur’an.

To form Faith in Prophets:

All the Prophets were from human beings deputed by the Lord of the worlds to show a life way namely Islam-only life way satisfied by the Lord- as explained in the verses 2:136; 3:19, 85. Even though more than hundred and twenty four thousand Prophets have been dispatched, among them only three hundred and thirteen were appointed as messengers. The first messenger is Prophet Nooh and the last is Muhammad. Among the Prophets and messengers only twenty five are mentioned by name in Qur’an. As per the verse 57:25 all the messengers have been given ‘The message’, whereas the Prophets were following the concerned message. Even some Prophets have been assassinated by the transgressing people, not any messengers have been assassinated. It is when we follow and testify them by seeing their life from Soul of the Qur’an, only the faith in Prophets and messengers are formed. The quintessence messages of all previous books and Prophets are assembled in Soul of the Qur’an and Prophet Mohammad. As per the verses 7:158; 21:107; 34: 28 etc., Prophet Mohammad is dispatched as a Messenger as well as Mercy for all worlds from the time of his appointment till the Last Day of the world. As per both in the verses 2: 146 and 6: 20 it is told that those who are given the Book will know the Prophet as they know their own sons. Today the believers who holdfast Soul of the Qur’an with their molar teeth can only lead and witness of the Prophet’s life in the society. Other Muslims by hiding Allah and prophet in Soul of the Qur’an they are actually inviting Maseeh-A-Ddajjal- the thirtieth pseudo prophet. Among this boar people specified both in the verses 25:18 and 48: 12, the hypocritical disbelievers will enter the Hell without trail while the Fujjar disbelievers who follow them blindly will be led to the Hell after trail. Read together the verses 4: 145 and 39: 71.

To form Faith in the Hereafter:

The believers in the Hereafter are those who are always living here with a mind that, on the Day of judgment both man and woman individually should have to answer about all moments of his fourth phase of life. If anybody living here without that awareness, their own hearings, sights, hands, skins, legs, and even earth will be witnessing against them as per the verses 17: 36; 36: 65; 41: 19-24; 99: 4-5 etc. One third of Qur’an verses explain the scenes that are to happen in the Hereafter. In the verse 2: 4 it has been told that the succeeded heedful are having steadfast belief of the Hereafter. Where the Mujrims will hang their heads before their Lord, and will say: Our Lord! We have observed and heard; so send us back we will act honorably; indeed we are convinced, is warned in the verse 32: 12. As per the verses 39: 69 and 75: on that day the scale of judgment will be Soul of the Qur’an. So the believers will utilize Soul of the Qur’an as the Balance and scale in this world itself considering the verse 16:64 and the Lord as impartial. See explanation 1: 3.

To form the Belief that Good and Bad is from Allah:

Impartial Allah by teaching Soul of the Qur’an from the Paradise itself each and every human soul is given the ways of good and bad. Good way leads to Allah and Paradise where as bad ways lead to Satan and Hell fire. Whenever having the remembrance of Allah with Soul of the Qur’an then only good things occur while in a situation forgetting Allah by ignoring Soul of the Qur’an bad things occur. In condition of forgetting Allah he will be trapped by the soul mate-Satan.

As per the verse 8: 24, in believers Allah slips in between him and his heart; whereas in disbelievers stays Satan- his soul mate. And therefore all deeds of disbelievers will become useless as mentioned in the verses 18: 103-105; 25: 21-23 and 47: 8-9. Since the control of all things is in the hand of Allah, there will not occur any disturbance, disasters and accidents from any creatures including Satan without knowledge and permission of Lord of the worlds. The knowledge and permission of Impartial Lord is Soul of the Qur’an. Therefore the believers who utilize Soul of the Qur’an as the Shield and Safeguard, not any bad thing or disaster will occur for them. As per the verse 4:78, it is told that when hypocrites achieve something good they will say: It is from Allah and when they are affected by something bad, they say: It is from you (Prophet). Oh Prophet! You say: All things are from Allah. What happened to these people that they fail to understand this speech? Then the verse 79 continues: whatever good happens to you is from Allah and whatever bad happens to you is from yourself i.e. from your soul mate -Satan. It is told in all the verses such as 9: 51; 10: 61; 11: 6; 17: 13-14; 22: 70; 27: 75; 34: 3; 35: 11; 36: 12; 57: 22 that all the things happening in the Heaven and Earth and in between these in living and non-living things including man have been determined beforehand by the Creator, and those have been recorded in the Book, that is Soul of the Qur’an.

Through the verse 36:69, after saying what is Qur’an, the verse 70 says: Qur’an is sent down in order to give warning to anyone who are alive, and that the charge may be proved against disbeliever who hide and reject It. But today most of the Muslims read Qur’an to the dead and near the graveyard. This is just opposite to the purpose for which the Qur’an is revealed. It is told in the verse 6: 36 that indeed only those who listen will respond to you. As to the dead, Allah will raise them up, and then unto Him will they return. That means, the Prophet or anyone can’t make hear the dead. The verses 30: 52-53 say: Indeed, you cannot make the dead hear; nor even make the deaf hear the appeal, if they have turned their backs on it. No one can guide the blind out of their straying: only the one who believes in Our verses and they are committed to live in peace can be guided. The disbelievers don’t consider what the Prophet has taught: If you recite Qur’an without knowing the contents even in Swalath, will be darted away from Islam as an arrow is darted away from its bow; and the recited Qur’an will witness and argue against you. See the explanation 4: 43, 6:36

Who is the Kafir –disbeliever that Qur’an portrays?

Those who do not believe with Allah as submitting the Qur’an verses, those who approve Qur’an but do not approve the sayings of the Prophet –which is the explanation of the Qur’an, those who approve some Messengers of Allah but do not approve some others, those who do approve certain Qur’an verses but reject other verses, those who use the verses revealed in Mecca but do not use what is revealed in Madeena and vice versa or those who don’t use Soul of the Qur’an as the Ticket to Paradise, after receiving It -such are the true disbelievers. Allah has kept prepared such disbelievers a humiliating punishment, is told in the verses 4: 150-151. Through the verse 2: 85 it is warned that for those who believe in some verses and disbelieve in other verses of Qur’an, have disgrace in this world and grievous punishment in the Hereafter. The disbelievers specified in the verses 41: 26-28 are those who will say to the common people, do not listen to this Qur’an and chatter away while it is being explained, so you will be succeeded. They are the enemies of Allah as well as the believers. Such will be the Fire as a reward since they have been repudiating with the verses of Qur’an. The disbelievers specified in the verses 41: 29 are the common Muslims who follow blindly the hypocritical disbelievers.

As per the verse 7: 37 The most unjust people are the ones who after receiving Qur’an, hide and distort It or who does not try to understand what It is. At the time of death, they will witness against themselves that they were indeed disbelievers, and as per the verse 6:130 they will witness against themselves on the Day of Judgment. As per the verse 39: 59 to those who reject and hide Soul of the Qur’an, at the time of death Allah will tell them ‘Of course My verses came to you, yet you rejected them and acted proudly, and you were among disbelievers?’ Read together the verses 39: 71-72. Those who had a veil upon their eyes towards Soul of the Qur’an and those were unable to hear It are the disbelievers, is told in the verses 18: 100-101, and as per the verses 20:124-127 they will be resurrected as blind on the Day of judgment. As per the verse 67: 10 they will say in the Hereafter: ‘If we had heard Soul of the Qur’an and had thought utilizing the intelligence, we would not have become inmates of the blaze. The verse 5: 67 ends as indeed Allah will not guide the people of disbelievers who are hiding the message of Allah-Soul of the Qur’an. The verse 109: 6 commands the Prophet and the believers to say disbelievers who hide Allah in Soul of the Qur’an and serving the Satan: ‘For you your way of life and for me the True way of life i.e. Islam.

Who are the Wrongdoers?

Those who distort the Qur’anic verses from Allah’s intention or reject His verses are the most wrongdoers as per the verse 6:21. And as per the verse 10: 17 it is told that indeed He will not lead to prosper such wrongdoers and Mujrims. Allah asks through both the verses 29: 68 and 39:32 as then who is more in the wrong than one who invents a lie about Allah or rejects the Truth- Soul of the Qur’an- after it has come to him? Will there not be place of abode in Hell for such disbelievers? See the explanation 2: 124. If anyone who adopt the hypocrites or Fujjar as their sponsors, they are the wrongdoers. The verses such as 5: 51; 6: 144; 28: 50; 46: 10 end as certainly Allah will not guide such wrongdoing people. The verse 32:22 says, who is more in the wrong than someone who has been remembered with his Lord’s verses, then neglect them; We will avenge on such Mujrims.

Who are the Mujrims -mad men?

The verse 7: 40 says certainly those who reject Our verses and feel too arrogance towards them, the gates of Heaven will not be opened for them, nor will they enter the Paradise until a camel can pass through the eye of tailor’s needle. Thus We reward Mujrims. It is warned in the verse 34: 32 that the hypocritical leaders will ask on the day of judgment to the weaklings who follow them blindly here: did we block you off from the Guidance once it came to you? Rather you yourself were Mujrims. As per the verse 26: 99 the weaklings who lived blindly following the hypocritical leaders will say: it has only been Mujrims who have led us astray. And as per the verse 37: 33 about both the hypocritical leaders and their weaklings who become partners in torment on that day, Allah will tell: Thus We deal with such Mujrims. It is warned through the verse 45: 31 to those who live here aimlessly hiding and rejecting Soul of the Qur’an, on the Day of Judgment will tell them: You were such mujrim people. Through the verses 36: 59-62 the scene of Mujrims’ trial is portrayed: step aside today, you Mujrims, didn’t I pledge with you, Oh children of Adam, not to serve Satan? He is an open enemy of yours and serve Me alone- this is the Straightpath. He has led numerous mobs of you astray. Haven’t you been thinking using intelligence? Therefore the Mujrims are those who are having intelligence but not utilizing their intelligence for thinking the aim of life. In Qur’an fifty places about Mujrims are mentioned. All these places the aimless hypocrites and the heedless followers belong to Mujrims and both of them are compared to a dog which will not change its attitude whether you attack or not, as explained in the verses 7:175-176.

Who are the Hypocrites-transgressors?

Soul of the Qur’an- the food, cloth and sight of the Soul and the instrument to identify ourselves the Creator Lord and the aim of life will not be hidden except by the transgressors, is told in the verse 2: 99. As per the verse 59:19 it is told, those who have forgotten their own souls as well as Allah, such are the transgressors. And the verse 9: 67 ends as certainly the hypocrites are the transgressors. The hypocrites are the enemies of Allah as well as believers, is told in the verse 63: 4. As per the verse 9: 80 if Prophet seeks forgiveness for them seventy times over, Allah would never pardon them i.e. because they disbelieve in Allah and His messenger. Allah does not guide such transgressing people. The verse 63:6 ends as: Certainly Allah does not guide such transgressing people. As per the verse 9: 95 hypocrites are filthy, so neglect them and vide verse 9: 125 Soul of the Qur’an will increase them filth over filth and they are died while they are disbelievers. As per the verse 9: 84 the believers should not seek forgiveness or pray for the hypocrites since they are died as disbelievers and transgressors. Read together verses 9:53-55 and 17: 82.

Who are the Associates in the dominion of Allah- Mushriks?

Those people who know to utter ‘Allah’ in Arabic form while they are leading a life without considering Allah, as it should be considered are the associates. They are reciting the verse 2: 255, ‘‘as Allah! There is no Deity except Him, the Living, the Eternal! Neither slumber nor sleep overtake Him and whatever in the Heavens and whatever in the Earth belongs to Him. Who is there to intercede with Him except with His permission? He knows what lies before them and what is behind them, while they embrace nothing in knowledge except whatever He may wish. His seat extends farover Heaven and Earth; preserving them both does not overburden Him. He is the Sublime, the Almighty!’’ But in the practical life they consider intercessors and other patrons to Allah to bring them closer to Him. The Trust- Soul of the Qur’an- is revealed in order to punish the hypocritical men and women and associating men and women is told in the verse 33: 73. Read together the verses 48: 6 and 98: 6. These associates are mentioned as ‘Kuffar’ in the verses 9: 73 and 66: 9, and as ‘rejectors’ of the Qur’anic verses in the verses 2: 39; 5: 10, 86; 57: 19; 64: 10 etc. The ‘Kuffar’ mentioned in the verses 9: 123 and 48: 29 include both hypocrites and associates; as well as both of them are the mentioned ‘Fujjar’ in the verses 82: 14 and 83:7. When the believer recites the verse 1: 7 ‘Not the path upon whom Your wrath happened. And who are gone astray should remember in mind that not in the way of the hypocrites and the associates who follow blindly them. To put it brief, there are only two parties, one is Allah’s party-the believer one in each thousand from Adam to Last day belongs to this party- the other is Satan’s party-all Muslim organizations in different parties belong to this party, and they are nine hundred and ninety nine in each thousand. Read together the verses 2: 176; 23: 51-53; 30: 31-32.

Who are the People of the Book (Ahlul Kithab)?

During the time of Prophet before codifying Qur’an as the Book, the Jews and Christians were considered as the people of the Book. After codifying Qur’an as a Book, the bearer of It are only considered the people of Book since It is meant for entire mankind as per the verses 7: 158 and 25: 1. Today, ‘Adhikr’-Soul of the Qur’an- mentioned in the verses 41: 41-43 is the only Book from Wise and Praiseworthy Allah for entire mankind. Then whoever leads a life against the do’s and don’ts of It after receiving It are the disbelievers, wrongdoers, transgressors and the inmates of the Hell from mankind.

Why Qur’an?

Apart from other creatures, the man endowed with intelligence is deputed to earth to act as the vicegerent of the Impartial Lord in order to keep the Universe in its equilibrium. Soul of the Qur’an is considered as the Trust and Balance for that purpose. But Muslims-the bearers of Qur’an – are bearing It as burden carrying donkeys neither utilizing Soul of the Qur’an nor giving to other people for utilizing. By seeing the Muslims-the boar people- mentioned in the verse 25:18 as forefront in all Satanic evil deeds; other people not even enquire about Soul of the Qur’an. Actually all the mischief burden of the sins occurring in the world should have to bear the hypocrites who are hiding Soul of the Qur’an knowingly. Read together the verses 6: 26 and 20: 99-100.

All men like peaceful life. For this, they accept various rules and regulations except that of Lord’s. Such rules and regulations made by men instead of reducing unjust, selfishness, partiality, schisms, mischief, blood-shed, communalism, chauvinism, racism, envy, haughtiness, arrogance, snobbery, pretending superficiality, owing to illegally consuming money of the people through liquors, ganja, narcotics, prostitution, sodomy, fornication, murder, rape, theft, fraud, robbery, incendiary, smuggling, hoarding, black-marketing, adulteration, manipulation in weight and measure, interest, hawala, gambling, bribing and corruption; and also to deliver men from the demonic beliefs such as sorcery, black magic, astrology, horoscope and omen which are the footsteps of Satan can be seen increasing day by day all over the world. The only solution to reduce all these mischief and evil deeds is to implement the rules and regulations of Soul of the Qur’an-the three times Knowledge of all the Three Time Knower, the Lord of the worlds. With It, man can identify the aim of life, can form the unity of the human harmony and can lead the prescribed lifetime peacefully for mankind as well as for other creatures.

Soul of the Qur’an is the only weapon against terrorism and to stop bloodshed. Then the question will be how it is possible. By teaching Soul of the Qur’an one can identify himself, the aim of life and man has no choice or power to select his nation, tribes, parents, religion, sex, age or era to take birth or death etc. Thus to identify that, none of the creature except the Creator -the Owner of the soul and Maker of the body, has power to slay anyone. Anyone who kills any person without for another soul or for causing mischief in the land, then it will be as if he had killed all mankind. Anyone who spares life acts as if he had granted life to whole mankind is told in the verse 5: 32. By teaching Soul of the Qur’an to everyone make aware that the computer software is fixed around his neck and on the Day of Judgment it will be produced as an illuminating spread open Book to him and will say: read your book, and today it is enough yourself for your account, as specified in the verses 17: 13-14; 18: 49 and 45: 28-29.

To do ‘Jihad’ as it should be done: Today Muslims as well as Non-Muslims have same misconceptions about the Islam and Jihad. Actually Muslims are commanded to lead and witness the life of Prophet Mohammed among the mankind as per both the verses 2:143 and 22:78. Prophet was a living example of Soul of the Qur’an. Gradually Muslims deviated from Soul of the Qur’an by the influence of other religious people especially Jews and Christians and are following them inch by inch and cubit by cubit as prophesized by Prophet. By hiding and rejecting Soul of the Qur’an the Muslims are falsifying Prophet and Islam and are involved in terrorist and mischievous activities all over the world. If any Non-Muslim hates and rejects Soul of the Qur’an and Prophet by seeing the way of life of Muslims, a believer who represents the Impartial Allah cannot blame them. Therefore, it is the inevitable duty of believer to convey Soul of the Qur’an – Message of Lord – to the entire mankind irrespective of religion or nation in order to justify Islam and Prophet.

Jihad’ means to utilize all the will and power to fulfill the aim of life. The aim of life is to act on earth as a vicegerent of the Lord, prepare Paradise on earth and inherit the Paradise by death. During the period of Prophet, fighting with body, weapons and wealth were included in ‘Jihad’ as told in the verses 9: 111 and 61: 10. But today the ‘Jihad’ is only with Soul of the Qur’an to the disbelievers who hide and reject It- the food, cloth and sight of the human soul- as specified in the verses 9: 73 and 25: 52. Thus to fulfill the Prophet’s teaching that: The best one among you is the one who learns and teaches Soul of the Qur’an. Since the non- Muslims are not preventing the propagation of Soul of the Qur’an and there is no compulsion in the religion as per the verses 2: 256 and 10: 100, there is no ‘Jihad’ against them. The verse 9: 6 says: If one of the associates from non-Muslims should ask you for protection, then grant him asylum until he has heard Allah’s speech, then escort him to where he can find peace and safety; that is because they are the people who do not know Soul of the Qur’an- the real knowledge. The verse 48: 29 says that Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah, and those who with him are strict hard against the ‘Kuffar’ and compassionate each other. The ‘Kuffar’ specified in this verse as well as in the verses 9: 68, 73, 123; 66: 9 are those who repeatedly hiding or rejecting the Qur’anic verses.

The hypocrites have the same characters of Jews in primitive days as told in the verse 5: 41-42. Both of them have been killed by Allah as per the verses 9: 30 and 63: 4 respectively. The Jews introduced the anti-Islamic communal unity, and then today the hypocrites are trying and arguing to implement the same among Muslims. They are ready to any evil coalition for getting power. Today, hypocrites and ‘Kuffar’ by hiding and rejecting Soul of the Qur’an are actually inviting Anti-Christ- Maseeh-A-Dajjal. By the second coming of Jesus, the false lord Dajjal will be killed. Then the cursed hypocrites and their followers having disease in their hearts as well as the Jewish agitators in Madeena will be killed implementing the command of the verses 33: 60-61. Read together the verses 33:72-73 and 48: 6

By awakening the people with Soul of the Qur’an and thereby forming the unity of mankind enable to preserve the ecology of the Earth and Universe. It is also essential to keep the mountains in their own places, which has been placed as nails in order that Earth may not be shaken and thus help the nature for maintaining in its equilibrium. And there by to lead a peaceful life here till the duration of life which Allah has fixed to each creatures. It is also essential to recognize whole mankind- whether believer or disbeliever- and to lead the life of a believer by satisfying others with the satisfaction of the Creator and hate others in the wrath of Allah.

The verse 53: 39 says that men can have nothing but what he aims for. During whatever work is done, Allah looks into his heart. Allah evaluates that work by seeing the state of his mind. Believers are those who remember Allah in their heart with humility and fear, by witnessing that Allah knows the condition of hearts. Through the verse 7:205 it is commanded to remember Allah by the soul with humility and fear without even murmuring with the tongue always, irrespective of morning and evening and not to be included among heedless people who does not approve that Allah does know the state of hearts.

According to the verse 13:28, to become ‘Nafsu-muthmainna’– the soul which acquired peace and tranquility- Soul of the Qur’an is inevitable and such will only be the prosperous. The verses 89: 27-30 say: “Oh! The soul, which has acquired peace and tranquility, you come back to your Lord well pleased yourself, and with Him; you serve Me; enter My Paradise; to include among those who fulfill their aim of life”.

All the Bounties of Allah such as air, water, light, soil are deserved to all men alike. But His greatest Mercy and Bounty is Soul of the Qur’an which is the guide from Him, the touchstone of discriminating truth and untruth, and the complete form of The Book, if not utilize and not give others to utilize, the torment will be severe to such worst people. Therefore today, to become a believer, no need to change ones name, dress and religion as it is told in the verses 2: 62 and 5: 69. Since there is not a group of believers who live witnessing the life of the Prophet, today’s non-Muslims can go to Paradise, if they live without doing wrongs, and forming true belief on the basis of Soul of the Qur’an. Allah has warned the believers in the verses 30: 31-32 that you should not become associates -Mushriks, by joining in the various Muslim organizations. Read explanation 2: 137, 176.

Which are the seven stages of Man?

Man has seven stages. While the first man Adam was created in the Paradise, the entire mankind (soul) till the Last Day was created. Lord Allah held a covenant from each man by asking that “Am I not your Lord”; they all told “yes we do witness” as explained in 7:172. This is the first stage. Then sent them down to the Earth by depositing in the nape of Adam as explained in the verse 2:38. That soul passes through the succeeding generations and it reaches the concerned child’s father. While mating took place between the couples, the sperm and ovum combine to form embryo. When the developing embryo with life attains its four months in the womb of mother, the soul situated in the nape of father is transferred to it through an Angel. Up to this is the second stage. This stage is described in this verse. Thus the child gets Spirit (Rooh) =Life + Soul. The third stage starts here and ends when the child attains his/her 15 years old. From the 15 year old until death is the fourth stage. This stage is so important because about this period each individual should be questioned. The aim of life is to identify the Creator, oneself and to prepare Paradise here utilizing the Light- Soul of the Qur’an. Fifth stage is known as Barsaq (Warehouse/Godown), which extends from death to the Day of Resurrection as explained in the verse 23: 100. Sixth stage is the Day of Judgment which is as long as 50,000 years of this worldly day as explained in the verse 70: 4. Whoever prepares Paradise by utilizing Soul of the Qur’an will inherit Paradise in the Seventh stage. Likewise whoever hides and rejects the Food, Cloth and Sight of human soul- Soul of the Qur’an- will enter the Hell as explained in the verses 2:24, 39; 4: 150-151 etc. Those who didn’t receive Soul of the Qur’an in this life (fourth stage), will be sent to any world other than Paradise or Hell by the Impartial Lord of the worlds.

The goal of Life:

No man has power to choose his destiny on earth such as, when one should be born, in which nation, where, in which tribe, in which race, to which parents, in which sex etc. The aim of deputing down men to the earth till a period is to build up Paradise utilizing the Light- Soul of the Qur’an-, recognizing oneself and his Creator. The verse 67:2 says: It is He Who created death and life in order to find out which of you is doing deeds by seeing Him. Both the verses 11: 7 and 18: 7 are having the same message. The Prophet has taught that what is meant by ‘Ihsan’ is be you as if you see Allah even though you don’t see Allah, He is seeing you. Or be ‘Muhsineen’, those who are living under the Light. In the verses 16: 90 Allah has commanded Justice and Ihsan; and in the verse 128 it is told: Allah is with those who keep Him in their hearts and with those who live under the Light.

Mankind is deputed to earth on their fourth phase in order to testify them. Then the Hell or Paradise is earned by the individuals. Allah- the Impartial- never sends anybody either to Hell or Paradise. In the verse 3: 185 says: Every soul shall have a taste of death. And on the Day of Judgment you will be paid your full recompense. Only he who is saved far from the Fire and is admitted to the Paradise by himself will have attained the aim of life. The life of this world is nothing except a feast of deception. It is notable the words told in the verse 14: 1, ‘by the Permission of their Lord’. In another sense, everybody should acquire Straightpath by asking their Lord. All the Prophets including Prophet Mohammad or any other great persons are not at all able to lead any person to the Straightpath as per the verses 2: 272; 16: 111and 28: 56.

In the Hereafter the believers residing in the Paradise will call out: Praise is to Allah Who has guided us to this Way. Never could be having found Guidance, had It not been for the Guidance of Allah. Indeed It was the ‘Truth’ that the Messengers of our Lord brought to us. They will be called out: There is the Paradise, which you may inherit as reward for your deed in the worldly life. See the verse 7: 43. The verse 32:19 says: those who believe and convey the belief to others will abide Paradise as hospitable home that is for their doings in this world. The verses 3: 136; 29: 58 and 39: 74 end as what a blissful wages will be for the workers doing good deeds in the world. Those who reside in Paradise praise Allah for leading them in the Straightpath.

The Hell also is acquired by oneself. All the verses 3:181; 8: 50 and 22: 9 point to the fact ‘you taste the torment of burning Fire.’ Then verses 3: 182; 8: 51; 22: 10 say: That is what your hands send for you ahead and indeed Allah is no one to harm to His servants. Through the verse 59: 18 Allah addresses the believers and says; keep Allah in hearts and let everyone look to what provision he has sent forth for tomorrow (hereafter). Through the verse 78: 40 it is warned against the Day when any man will see whatever his own hands have sent on ahead, the disbelievers will say: Woe unto me! If I was only dust. The verse 4: 42 is also with the same message. Read together the verses 2: 94-95 and 62: 6-7

Community (Ummath) and People (Quom):

The difference between community and people can be understood with the Criterion -Soul of the Qur’an. The entire mankind from the appointment of Muhammad as messenger till the Last day belongs to his ‘community’, whereas the ‘people’ include addressees of prophet’s time and nominal Muslims up to the last day, who are not following prophet’s way of life-Soul of the Qur’an. Just like all other messengers Muhammad also will witness against ‘the people’ on the Day of Judgment as told in the verses 25: 18, 30 and 48: 12. The inmates of the Hell are coming from ‘the people’ who hide and reject Soul of the Qur’an as specified in the verses 2: 39; 5: 10 and 58: 19. The people who hide and reject Soul of the Qur’an is compared to a dog which will not change its attitude whether it is disturbed or not as per the verse 7: 176, and as per the verse 62: 5 they are compared to burden bearing donkeys and Jews, and the verse ends as ‘Allah will not guide such wrong doing people’. It is told in the verse 13: 11 that Allah does not change what any people may have until they change whatever they themselves have. ‘The people’ at the time of their death will witness against themselves that they were disbelievers as per the verse 7: 37, and on the Day of Judgment as per the verse 6: 130. This boar people who ignore Soul of the Qur’an will welcome and accept antichrist Maseeh-A-Ddajal as prophet and later even as their lord. By second coming of Eisa, he will kill Ddajjal, and all non-Muslims belonged to Muhammad’s community will approve Eisa and Islam. Then the hypocrites and those who have a disease in their hearts specified in the verse 33: 60 who hide and reject Soul of the Qur’an as well as falsify prophet and Islam will not find any shelter or hiding places anywhere in the world. They will be killed and thus the command of the verses 4: 91; 9: 123 and 33: 61will be implemented. For more explanation read the verses 4: 157-159

Will the Prophet witness against the Muslims?

“And the day when We shall call a witness from every community to testify against them, and We shall call you to testify against this people: that is why We have sent down to you a Book (Qur’an) which explains everything clearly. That is a Guidance, a blessing and good news for those who submitted everything for Allah.” (16:89).

As per the verse 39:69, on the Day of Judgment Allah will bring the Prophets and witnesses and will judge among them with the “Truth”-Soul of the Qur’an; and anyone will not be dealt wrongfully. The Prophets deputed to each people will witness either in favor or against them. After the Prophets, the believers who follow Soul of the Qur’an and witness the Prophet’s life will witness in favor or against the people. Even though all mankind from Prophet Mohammed to the last day will come under Prophet’s “Ummath” -community; only Muslims will come under Prophet’s “Qoum” -people. On the Day of Judgment, Prophet will not witness in favor or against the non-Muslims; whereas he will witness only against his own people by name – Muslims. The verse 25:30 says, and the Messenger will say:” my Lord, surely this my own people has assumed this Qur’an as out-dated”,ie they neglected and migrated from Soul of the Qur’an. Read together the verses 25:27-29. The verse 43:44 says “In fact this Qur’an is a reminder for you and your people; and both of you will be questioned about It”. As per the verse 25:18, on the Day of Judgment, the saint people whom this people considered here as the interceders and mediators to Allah-the Knower of three times- will say against them that “they were a worthless bore people due to living by forgetting Soul of the Qur’an”. About the hypocrites during the Prophet’s time in Madeena, it is told that they were a worthless bore people in the verse 48:12.

For those who touch or read Qur’an without following Its do’s and don’ts will witness and argue against them; whereas who read Soul of the Qur’an and follow the do’s and don’ts as much as he can, then the Qur’an will witness and argue in favor of him. As per the verse 11:17 whoever hides Soul of the Qur’an – the utmost witness -from among different groups of Muslims, then the Fire is promised to him. Note that, it is not told in the verse ‘whoever hides It from among mankind’, instead told that ‘from among different groups of Muslims’. See explanation 6:19. The verse 17:15 says, anyone who took the Guidance – Soul of the Qur’an – then he is guided for his own soul; and anyone who strays away, then only strays against her own soul. No bearer of burden shall bear other’s burden. We have never acted as a punisher until We have dispatched a Messenger. There is no justification for Allah to punish the Non-Muslims who come under the “Ummath” – community – of Prophet, since today there is not a group of believers who witness the complete life of Prophet. But the literates among them who didn’t utilize Soul of the Qur’an as the weapon to stop the bloodshed and terrorism even after receiving It also will be sent to the Hell along with the Muslims who hide and reject Soul of the Qur’an. But if they realize the Truth by reading Soul of the Qur’an and convey It to others, then after the interrogation they will be sent along with those who didn’t receive Soul of the Qur’an to any other world than the Hell and the Paradise. Those who wish to return to the Paradise should utilize Soul of the Qur’an as the Ticket.

Dheen (Religion) and Shariath (Practical deeds):

Dheen’ is related to the Soul whereas the ‘Shariath’ is related to the body. ‘Dheen’ is the same every time as explained in the verses 3: 19, 85; whereas the ‘Shariath’ -practical deeds- differ time to time. Even early period and the later period of prophet Muhammed, ‘Shariath’-practical deed is different. ‘Dheen’-the religion- is related to the individual, whereas ‘Shariath’ is demanded to the group of believers. Today, since there is no group of believers anywhere in the world, there is no way to implement ‘Islamic Shariath’. During this time it is taught by the prophet to the believer here and there to remain by holding fast Soul of the Qur’an with his molar teeth. Without forming the belief with Soul of the Qur’an, no ‘Shariath’ -practical deeds- will be accepted as explained in the verse 2: 186.

The Exalted Book- apart from the falsehood:

Qur’an which has explained everything has never told step by step, yet Qur’anic verses never contradict to another. Then we should study and compare the various verses of Qur’an and try to understand It. In Qur’an all the matters have been repeated in more than one place, that is why it is called ‘Mathaanee’ as specified in the verses 15: 87 and 39: 23.

The commands of certain verses were not applicable at the period of Prophet; it becomes applicable during later. For e.g.: (1) the verse 25: 52 says: therefore you should not obey the disbelievers who hide Soul of the Qur’an. Strive against them with the utmost strenuousness with the Qur’an. Here mentioned the disbelievers are hypocrites. All the wars undergone during the period of the Prophet were with the weapons such as sword, shield, arrow, bow and spear. But today there is no group of believers, and hence no killing or war. Instead there is only ‘Jihad’ with Soul of the Qur’an. (2) Through the verses 4: 91; 9: 123 and 33: 61 the group of believers have been ordered to kill the hypocrites, wherever and whenever they meet them. But this command has not been implemented yet. This will be implemented only after the second coming of Jesus. Nobody has ruled yet making Mecca as the capital, though Mecca is the center of the world. This also will be implemented by the coming of Jesus.

Some of the verses implemented during the time of the Prophet can’t be implemented today, for e.g.: (1) the woman and the man guilty of fornication should be flogged with a hundred stripes, let a party of the believers witness for their punishment. This command said in the verse 24: 2 can’t be implemented today. Because, there is no group of believers and the punishment should be carried out by those who are not doing sins. Prophet Jesus has taught: “Let them throw stones who have not sinned”. So, we can understand that the punishment in Islam during the period of Jesus was also killing by throwing stones, if married man and married woman fornicate. This has also been implemented during the period of Prophet Mohammad. But later in future years especially today, it is impossible to implement it. The reason is that there is only a few who has not done that sin including sodomy, a guilt which is harder than adultery and even against the nature, though Prophet Mohammad has taught that one who does sodomy and one who is subjected to sodomy should be killed. Today the approach towards men and women engaged in fornication is as prescribed in the verses 4: 15-16. (2) Liquor eradication was carried out in different stages. For the first time in the verse 2: 219 says, in each of them (liquor and gambling) is great sin as well as some benefit. But sin is greater than the benefit. Then drinking became less with the command through the verse 4: 43 that “Don’t approach Swalath with a mind of intoxication”. Finally according to the verses 5: 90-91, liquor was completely prohibited with a command: “Indeed liquor is filth; you should give it up”. But today we can see that last two verses’ commands are not obeyed either by those who do Swalath or not. So it is only possible to advise them to stop drinking by explaining Soul of the Qur’an as told in the first command.

When forming a decision in any matter, all the verses revealed in that matter should be considered. For e.g.: (1) Through the verse 17: 23 it is ordered: You must be kind to parents whether one or both of them attain old age in your life, don’t say a word of contempt to them nor repel them. But through the verse 31: 15 and 29: 8 it is ordered that if those parents strive to make you associate others with Allah by things of which you have no knowledge, don’t obey them. Keep them company under the shadow of Soul of the Qur’an only and you follow the path of those who returned to Allah. Through the verse 9: 23, Allah says by calling the believers: Do not take your fathers and your brothers as protectors if they prefer disbelief to belief. Anyone of you do so, then such are the wrongdoers. The verse 58: 22 says, you will not find any people who believe in Allah and the Last Day, showing affection for anyone who resists Allah and His Messenger, even though their own fathers, their sons, their brothers, or anyone in their family connections. With those He will engrave faith on their hearts, assist them with a spirit from Himself, and will enter them in to the Paradise beneath which rivers flow, to live there in forever. Allah has pleased them while they will be pleased with Him, such are only Allah’s party. Indeed, Allah’s party will only be prosperous. The verse 9: 113 says: It is not suitable for the Prophet and those who believe that they should pray for forgiveness for those who associate others with Allah, even though they are close relatives, after it is cleared to them that they are indeed the inmates of the Hades. But the verse 46: 17-18 say: Anyone who says to his believing parents: “Phooey on you! Do you promise me that I will come forth from my grave while generations have passed on before me?”- And while they both implore Allah’s help: “It will be too bad for you! Believe: Indeed Allah’s promise will come true”, he merely says: “Those are only legends about primitive men”. Such are the ones among the nations of Jinns and humans who have passed away before them, against who the sentence will be justified, they will be the losers. In short, Allah has taught each person through various orders and prohibitions which should be kept in different occasions. The believers -the vicegerents of Allah- will have His character. In the case of hypocrites who deliberately do wrong, Allah will never forgive. To those who do wrong unknowingly, Allah may forgive. The verse 4: 17 says: Repentance holds with Allah for those who do evils due to ignorance, then repent shortly after, to them Allah will turn to; and Allah is Wise, All Knowing. And the verse 18 says: Repentance is not there to such people who continue to do evils until death faces one of them. And he says, now have I repented indeed, and not for those who hide Qur’anic verses, die as hypocrites. Read together the verses 9: 55, 85 and 125. Prophet taught: When an evil is seen, prevent it with your hands; if that is not possible, prevent it with your tongue; if that also is not possible, hate them with your mind; if that also is not done, he doesn’t have even an atom of faith. Allah will not forgive or guide those who not utilize Soul of the Qur’an -the Exalted Book, apart from the falsehood mentioned in the verses 41: 41-42, even after receiving It.

How to read:

The inspiration for the inception of this interpretation (Thafseer) “Soul of the Qur’an” is to call the men to the Creator by giving the contents of

Qur’an in their hearts’ language, and to prepare them individually to answer before the Lord on the Day of Judgment. Here Qur’anic verses are explained with Qur’anic verses and with the sayings of the Prophet which are Its interpretations. An attempt has been made to point out similar examples of each verse as ‘Mouidhath’ suitable for today. This has been carried with a prayer to exclude my own views or ideas anywhere else, and to explain as intended by the Lord. If there is any mistake notified, I request you to point out them after reading the whole contents.


Soul of the Qur’an is not simply to keep in your cupboard; You should consider that It is your Lord’s Speech and He caused to reach the Book to you. If you don’t find time to read and understand this Book or you didn’t follow after reading It, tomorrow in the court of Allah, your hand that touched this Book, your eyes that saw this Book, and your skin, all will witness and argue against you. While the Prophet has taught that the Best Speech is the Book of Allah, reading any other book or other periodicals, without reading Soul of the Qur’an is not suitable for a true believer.



Satan prevents you only from the soul, not from reading the body or meaning of Qur’an. So when you start reading It, seek refuge from him to Allah- the all Hearing, all Knowing. Allah has given Satan the ability to prevent you by making boredom, making you feel sleepy, making you short of time and dragging other problems into your way. As well, when you begin to follow It, the human Satan will try to ridicule and isolate you. So beware of him, also take refuge from him to your Lord regarding the temptation, menace and all the destructive activities.

You go on reading Soul of the Qur’an praying heartily: “My Lord! Increase me in my knowledge” remembering the doubts you have. As you are involved in the conversation between your Lord and you, the answers to your doubts will be receiving gradually. If you have not received answers for your doubts in the first reading, continue the reading, you will definitely get the answer before finishing your reading. Direction for reading various verses combined together and reading the explanation should be strictly followed by checking the references, as and when required. In other words, if there are three verses which have been directed to read altogether with a verse, then those three together will give new idea besides the ideas in them. This is the meaning of what has been said that the explanation of Qur’an will never end whether It is written or told. In order to read Soul of the Qur’an the best time should be selected, and we should approach It without pre-judgment with the innocence of a new born baby. If there are any unclear doubts even after completing the reading of the entire contents, you should not hesitate to ask and learn from those who know Soul of the Qur’an. I would like to remind you that everybody has the commitment to convey this message which is meant for the entire creatures of the Lord, without any discrimination in caste, religion, nation etc. To carry out this task, each and everybody can take part in this venture by taking Its copies and translating into various languages.

Oh our Lord! Give us the opportunity to understand Soul of the Qur’an and to follow as It should be followed and as You have intended. Oh Lord, lead us out of darkness to the Light with the Light-Soul of the Qur’an, Oh, the Light of the Heaven and Earth. Bless us to utilize Soul of the Qur’an, so that It will witness and argue in favor us and not against us! Our Lord! Enter us to the Paradise together with the forerunners and virtuous with the Ticket, oh the One Who sent down the Ticket, Oh the Virtuous, Merciful.

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