(17) Isra

With the name of Allah, the Impartial, the Compassionate.

(17) Isra

This Surath also-known-as ‘Children of Israel’ got its name from the first verse which explains the Night journey of Messenger from Mecca to Masjidul Aqsa and then Ascension to Paradise from there. This Surath containing 111 verses is revealed during the 12th year of Messenger’s Meccan life. Messenger used to recite this Surath and 39th Surath every night.

It teaches that all existing mankind is the offspring of believers who were saved in the Ark of Messenger Noah. When Children of Israel neglected Lord’s Book Adhikr, they were disintegrated into different groups and were suppressed by other people. So it teaches that those who neglect the Guidance Adhikr after It had reached to them, they will be disgraced and humiliated in this world and will have severe punishment in the Hereafter. Every man is fastened a Recording Book upon his neck by which he will be reckoned on the Day of Judgment.

Lord of the universe who created all from nothingness is capable to resurrect man’s body even if it decays into bones, soil, and anthills or transforms into any hard materials like rock, iron, and stones. And everyone will be summoned on the Day of Judgment for questioning about the 4th stage of his life. Satan is given the power to seduce mankind, not from the Arabic Quran, but Adhikr (the Straightpath). Those who are deaf, dumb, and blind towards Adhikr in this world, will be dragged prone on their faces into Hell as deaf, dumb, and blind; and those are the most strayed.

Even if the whole of mankind and Jinns altogether try to bring a Book like Adhikr, it is impossible for them since It is from the Three-Time-Knower, Wise, Self-Sufficient and Self-Praiseworthy Lord. So Adhikr is Mercy and Healing for the believer who testifies It. And for the wrongdoers, It will increase nothing except loss.