(18) Al Kahf

With the name of Allah, the Impartial, the Compassionate.

(18) Al Kahf

This Surath got the name Al-Kahf (the cave) from verse 10 which says about a few youth men retreated to the cave and prayed to Lord for granting them from His Mercy and inspire them in the Upright way. This Meccan Surath was revealed as a reply to the questions of Meccan pagans (who were influenced by the Jews and Christians) about Moses and Khidr, Dul-Qarnayn, and the men of the cave.

This Surath teaches that believers should have the firm belief as the youth men of the caves had, and should entrust unto the Almighty Lord Allah in any circumstance of life. It also teaches that the Lord will save the believers who testify Adhikr beyond cause and reasons (through Supernatural ways). The first 10 and last 10 verses of this Surath should be recited with soul for not to suffer from the sedition of Antichrist.

By explaining the parable of two men, Lord teaches about the attitude of the aimful believer and the aimless disbelievers who don’t consider Lord as the Impartial and associates others in the dominion of Him. Satan is from Jinn who should be considered as the enemy to mankind. But the believer who testifies Adhikr and gives preference to the soul and Hereafter will only consider Satan as the enemy. He will only realize that worldly life is nothing but an Illusion, and those who utilize the Insight Adhikr will only see the Secret Sovereignty behind the creation of the universe. He will also realize that the Lord has fixed for everything a term, and nothing will precede or exceed beyond that term.

All other Fujjar who hide and reject Adhikr and give preference to bodily and worldly life will choose Satan as their patron. Lord has put a veil upon the wrongdoer's heart and a lid upon their ears for not to understand Adhikr. Those who are deaf and blind towards the Book Dhikree, they are the disbeliever into Hell.

By explaining about the mighty emperor Dul-Qarnayn, it teaches that man shouldn’t be haughty upon whatever he is provided by the Lord in this worldly life but should be grateful and heedful. It teaches that the Best Bounty and Mercy from Lord is nothing but Adhikr. It also teaches that if the ocean were the ink for writing the Words of my Lord, the sea would be exhausted before the words of my Lord finishes, even if Lord bring others like it as a supplement.