(10) Yoonus

With the name of Allah, the Impartial, the Compassionate.

(10) Yoonus

This Surath containing 109 verses were revealed during the last period of Messenger Muhammed’s Meccan life. It got the name Yoonus from verse 98 which mentions the people of Messenger Yoonus. When all people of a concerned Messenger became wrongdoers and transgressors, they were wiped out. But in the case of Messenger Younus’s (Jonah’s) people, due to the mistake from Yoonus, when the people sought for forgiveness, Lord removed punishment upon them and gave them sustenance for a while. Lord is consoling Messenger Muhammad and followers and is warning the Meccan pagans by explaining about Yoonus and his people through this Surath. This Surath teaches that Allah Who created heavens, earth and all things in between them is your Lord. Lord has determined phases for the sun and the moon as well as altered night and day as a sign for heedful. Lord deputed mankind to earth in the 4th phase to prepare Paradise for inheriting It in the 7th phase (Hereafter). Nobody can become a believer without Adhikr—Permission. It is warned that the hypocrites who forge lies upon Lord and their followers who reject Adhikr are the Mujirims who will never prosper. When the verses of the Book are explained to the aimless and heedless people, they will ask for another Reading or to make some changes in It. So, Messenger and believers are commanded to say them: “It is not from me but the Lord; then will you not utilize your intelligence”. The hypocritical transgressors who knowingly hide Adhikr will never become believers. Lord challenges those who say that this Book is forged by the illiterate Messenger to produce a Surath like in this Book, for that they can seek any helper besides Lord.

Mankind was once a single community, then they disintegrated into different communities. So, Lord sent Messenger Muhammed with Adhikr to judge between mankind in what they are different and thus to form the harmony. Verse 71 mentions the challenge of Messenger Nooh to his people. In verses 74-92 the history of Moses and Pharaoh is explained. The body of Pharaoh is safeguarded as a sign for the succeeding generations. But most of mankind are heedless about Lord’s verses. Verse 103 says that the Lord must save the Messengers and believers.

Any relationship besides under the Light of Adhikr will be in enmity in the Hereafter. And every soul will be disclosed with whatever it earned. Nothing is absent even an atom's weight on the earth or in heaven except it is recorded in Adhikr.

Male or female who testifies the Truth Adhikr, it is for himself; and whoever strays upon It, its loss is for herself, no Prophet or Messenger is made an authority upon anyone. Adhikr is the Guidance for mankind. So, whoever holdfasts Adhikr, he did holdfast Lord and is guided into the Straightpath. If all mankind become wrongdoers on earth, signs of Dooms Day will appear. The Three-Time-Knowledge Adhikr is revealed as an Advice and Healing for what is in the chests for the whole of mankind, and Guidance and Mercy for the believers.

With the name of Allah, the Impartial, the Compassionate