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With the name of Allah, the Impartial, the Compassionate.

(0) Introduction

What we call ‘I’, ‘you’, ‘he’, ‘she’, etc. are not the visible physical body! On the contrary, it is the soul (Nafs). The body is the vehicle for carrying the soul. It is an earthen ‘frame’ or ‘mold’ developed by the Supreme Creator by mixing the sperm of the father and ovum of the mother. When Adam (the first man) was created, the entire soul of mankind till the Last Day was created from the single soul in the Paradise itself. So the soul of all mankind is the one as explained in verses 4: 1 and 7: 189. Taking out their progeny which exists till the Last Day from the napes of Adam’s children, the Creator took a covenant from each one asking: “Am I not your Lord, the Owner?” Then each of them replied: “Of course, we do witness”. By doing this everybody admitted that the Authority for giving the rules and regulations for the entire mankind is Lord Allah only. Afterward, they were sent back to the nape of Adam as explained in verses 7: 172-173. This is the first death of everyone mentioned in verses 2: 28 and 40: 11.

Swearing by the apparent six facts verses 91: 1-6: “Sun and the hot light; the consequent moon and reflecting light; the appearance of the bright day; the darkening of the night; the canopied sky; the shaped Earth like an ostrich’s egg”, the Lord says in verses 91: 7-10: “He evenly balanced the soul and gave its Criterion Adhikr (false way and good way). Then whoever purifies it will prosper, while whoever neglects it will fail. That means whoever fulfills the covenant made with the Lord in this world, he will only prosper. So the believer lives here always declaring by the soul that “I am none” and “nothing belongs to me”. Verse 76: 3 says: “Indeed, We gave the man freedom to select either the way of grateful or ungrateful. In verse 90: 10 it is told: "Then we guided the man in two ways, one to the Hell and the other to the Paradise". Thus Lord became Impartial by teaching the human Adhikr which contains the ways of the Satan (falsehood) and the way of the Lord (Truth) from the Paradise itself as told in verses 55: 1-4. As told in verse 10: 100, no one becomes a believer without the Permission of the Lord (Adhikr). Therefore, everyone must confirm that he or she whether grateful or ungrateful by utilizing Adhikr.

The First Man: 

The Creator made the body of Adam from ‘sounding’, ‘adhesive’ and ‘foul-smelling’ black clay as a potter shaping the pot as told in verse 15: 26. Then the ‘Rooh’—Spirit (Life + soul) of the Creator was blown into the body as told in verses 15: 29 and 38: 72. Then Eve (Hawwa), the mate of Adam was created from the soul of Adam by a word from Lord “Be”, then she is. It is told in verse 4: 1 from ‘her’, ‘her’ mate was created. In Adhikr the soul of both male and female, and the body of women are used in feminine gender whereas the body of men is used in the masculine gender.

Before mankind was created, the vicegerents of the Lord on the Earth were ‘Jinns’ (Sprites) whose bodies were created from the flame as mentioned in verse 15: 27. Afterward, when they all became transgressors on the Earth without bearing Lord’s representation, Angels wiped out them completely under the leadership of Iblis. At that time, Iblis who belonged to the Jinn as per verse 18: 50 had not turned as a rebel (Kafir). Then, men were created in Paradise to depute them to the Earth as Lord’s vicegerents. It is told in verse 45: 13: “Everything is given to the man from their Lord” means, Lord has taught the man Adhikr which is the constitution, ways, and practices of the Impartial Lord as well as the Knowledge of the past, present, and future from the Paradise itself. Since mankind was taught the ‘Software’ of the universe which is the Balance and Trust to keep the universe in its equilibrium, the control of everything is given to him and he is honored above all the creatures. So mankind has to keep the Universe in its equilibrium by utilizing Adhikr. But the believer, the 1 in each 1000 mankind will only take this responsibility. When such a believer who is teaching and conveying Adhikr which is the Food, Cloth and Sight of the human soul to the entire mankind is not present anywhere in the world, the Dooms Day will occur as told in verses 22: 65 and 35: 45.

When the Spirit of the Creator was blown in Adam, Lord Allah commanded the assemblage of Angels including Iblis to prostrate to Adam. Everybody prostrated except Iblis. He was arrogant that he who was made from the flame couldn’t prostrate in front of Adam who was made from the clay. Due to this, he was cursed and denied Mercy and was finally expelled from Paradise. Consequently, he requested Lord that he should be allowed to tempt and deviate man from the Straightpath. Lord gave him the opportunity till a fixed date, and also gave him all the facilities needed as told in verses 17: 62-64. See explanation 4: 116-121 and 7: 16-17.

Then Lord told: “Oh, Adam! You and your mate reside in Paradise. Eat fruits from the Paradise as both of you wish. But neither you nor your mate should eat the fruit of that particular tree. If you do so, you will be included among the wrongdoers”. Then Satan betrayed them telling: “Your Lord has not prohibited you regarding that tree except that both of you won’t become Angels or immortals”. Satan also swore to them: “Indeed, I am the one among your well-wishers”, as told in verses 7: 19-21. He won over them by tempting in this way. When both of them attempted for sexual intercourse (pubic hairs touched each other’s) which is the ‘banned tree of Paradise’, their sexual organs were apparent and they began to hide those parts with the leaves of the Paradise. Their Lord called both of them and asked: “Didn’t We prohibit you regarding that tree? Didn’t We also tell you that Satan is surely a manifest enemy to both of you?”, as explained in verse 7: 22. Adam, who felt regression in the heart was given words from the Lord for returning into the Straightpath as told in verse 2: 37. As told in verse 7: 23 both of them prayed: “Our Lord, we have done wrong to ourselves. If You don’t forgive us and if You don’t shower your Mercy upon us, indeed, we will be included among the losers”. Allah accepted their repentance, indeed, He is the Oft-forgiving, the Merciful. By this event, Lord Allah taught mankind the parable of life on the Earth and the nature of the Satanic temptations.

When Allah sent men down to the Earth from the Paradise, He said: “Get you all down from here; if the Guidance has come to you from Me, then anyone who follows My Guidance, there shall be no fear upon them and for them will not be grieved”, as explained in verses 2: 38 and 20: 123. With the rhythmic balance of the wind, Adam carrying all the progeny up to the Last Day on his nape, and Eve was descended into the Earth as explained in verse 2: 164. Adam was landed on Adam’s Peak located in Ceylon (today’s Sri Lanka) which was earlier a part of India. Hawwa was landed in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. Then they met each other at Arafa which is near Mecca.

The creation of the Human Body: 

Allah asks in verse 76: 1: “Hasn’t a long period passed for the man when he was nothing worth mentioning”. This is to say that at the time of the creation of Adam itself, all men till the Last Day were created in Paradise. Then the Creator decided the period, nation, tribe, parents, sex and color through which the individuals should be brought on the Earth as explained in verse 2: 28.

The first father and mother ate food material produced from the soil which contained the elements of the soil. From this blood is formed. And from its essence, the Creator produced semen containing sperm and ovum. The word Nuthfa is used for sperm as well as for ovum. Verses 86: 5-7 say: “So let every man observe what he has been created from? He is created by the water emitted from the fathers’ testicles (Swulb—early stage it was in between the ribs) and mothers’ pelvis region(Thara’ib’)”. And verse 76: 2 says: “Indeed, We have created man from the mingled sperm and ovum. After staying 40 days in the womb of mother as the embryo, then 40 days as clot (Alaqa) and again 40 days as clinging mass of flesh (Mudhu’gha). The soul situated in the nape of the father is carried to the fetus in the mother’s womb during the fourth month through an Angel as told in verses 22: 5; 23: 12-14 and 32: 7-9. Lord of the universe taught through His Messenger being an answer to a Jew’s question that, the bones and nerves are formed from the sperm of father whereas the blood and flesh are formed from the ovum of the mother.

The seven phases of mankind: 

Since the soul is from the Lord itself, it will not perish. But It passes through different phases. They are:

Phase 1: While creating the whole of mankind (soul) in Paradise, the Creator Lord made a covenant from each one as told in verses 7: 172-174. Each and everyone agreed that Lord is the only Authority for giving the rules and regulations needed for the peace and tranquil life in this world and only to the Lord everyone should answer about his worldly life on the Day of Judgment.

Phase 2: Then transferred all of them into the nape of Adam and were sent down to the Earth. The duration of this phase/stage may vary from man to man which can’t be calculated. It is why Lord asks through verse 76: 1: “Hasn’t a long period passed for the man when he was nothing worth mentioning?”

Phase 3: The Lord created the body of the man by mingling the sperm of the father and ovum of the mother to test him. So, He blessed him with hearing, sight, and intelligence. When the growing embryo (sperm + ovum) having life attains the four months in the womb of the mother, the soul from the concerned father’s nape is transferred into the fetus through an Angel. Thus, the child gets the ‘Rooh’ (Spirit= soul + life). This phase lasts until the 15th age of one’s life. Any child who dies before attaining the age of 15 will return to Paradise.

Phase 4: This phase starts from the age of 15 and lasts up to death. This is the significant phase to identify the Lord by utilizing Adhikr—the Insight—and to become a believer and to prepare Paradise to inherit it in the 7th phase.

Phase 5: This phase starts after the death; i.e. when the Spirit departs from the body. During sleep, the soul only departs whereas life remains in the body. But in the death Spirit departs. After death, the soul alone (without life) will be returned to the body and will taste either the Paradise (for believers) or the Hell (for disbelievers). This phase extends until the Resurrection Day.

Phase 6: This phase is the ‘Day of Judgment’, a day as 50,000 years of this worldly life as explained in verse 70: 4. In this phase, whole mankind will be gathered with soul, life, and body like that of the 4th phase. Everyone will be naked, barefooted and uncircumcised, and all will be undergone with Trial based on the Recording Book fastened upon his/her neck.

Phase 7: This is the destination and eternal phase of man. Whoever prepares the Paradise by utilizing Adhikr (the Light) in the 4th phase, he/she will inherit it in this phase. Those who didn’t receive the Book will be sent to other worlds (other than the Paradise or Hell) by the Impartial Lord of all worlds. They will be drunk from the ‘Kouther Lake’, a drink with which no thirst will be felt forever as told in verses 108: 1-3. The hypocrites and their followers, since they rejected the Splendid Book Adhikr (the Ticket to the Paradise as well as the Safeguard against the Hell) after receiving It, they will inherit the Hell as a fine for their aimless and heedless life in the 4th phase.

 The History of mankind: 

Adam and Eve continued to live on the Earth by utilizing Adhikr which is taught from the Paradise itself as explained in verse 2: 213. Gradually, the children of Adam were deviated due to the temptation of Satan and became aimless. When most among them became wrongdoers, the Lord sent Prophets who convey Herald from Lord Allah to the believers and warning to the disbelievers. 10 generations from Adam till Nooh lived according to Adhikr taught from the Paradise. In due course, according to the development of society, when men were entrapped by Satan and there was none to represent the vicegerency of Lord, Lord sent the first Messenger Nooh who is also known as ‘Manu or Noah’ with the first version of Adhikr. Messengers are the Prophets upon whom the Lord’s Book is revealed as told in verse 57: 25. As a result of Noah’s instructions with Adhikr—the Reminder, only a few among his people believed. When the Lord, the Knower of past, present, and future, understood that nobody will further believe, He inspired Noah to pray for deciding between the believers and the transgressors. As a result, through a flood that was spread in all areas of human inhabitance, all of them were destroyed while saving Noah and believers in an Ark. All mankind are the successors of those who escaped in that Ark as told in verses 11: 48; 17: 3 and 36: 41.

A section of those who escaped was settled in Iraq. Gradually when they were seduced and became idol worshipers and wrongdoers, the Lord sent Messenger Ibrahim. He insisted on people about one Deity, but the people including his father decided to kill him by throwing him into the burning of fire. The Lord saved him from it as told in verse 21: 69. The predecessors of ‘Aryans’ who finally arrived in India seeking pastures for grazing cattle were from Iraq. That is why there is a similarity between the worship practices of Ibrahim such as the dress style for Hajj, encompassing around Ka’bah, etc. and the dress style and with the Brahmins. According to the command of the Lord, the first child Ismael and his mother Hajara were brought to Mecca where the Ka’bah is situated and they settled there. Afterward, Ibrahim went back to Palestine. When the reserved water was over, Hajara ran between ‘Safa’ and ‘Marva’ hills seven times in search of water for the child. Finally, the ‘Zum-Zum’ fountain burst and flowed beneath the foot of the child. When Ismael was 14 years old, Lord ordered Ibrahim to sacrifice Ismael. When he was ready even for that, Lord called him and told: “Enough, you have fulfilled the Command! Now you sacrifice this goat instead”. When he was triumphant in all these ordeals, Lord showed him the foundation of the Ka’bah (first house of Lord on earth) which was constructed for serving Him and was dilapidated in the flood at the time of Noah as explained in verse 3: 96. Ibrahim and Ismael together built up the Ka’bah as explained in verses 2: 126-127. As told in verses 14: 35-36, even Messenger Ibrahim prayed not to include him and his children among idol worshipers, gradually the children of Ismael had gone astray and installed about 360 idols at the Ka’bah.

Messenger Ibrahim’s second son is Messenger Ishaaq who is the father of Prophet Ya’qoob (also known as Israel). Messenger Yoosuf the son of Ya’qoob was thrown into a well by his brothers, then he was saved by a group of traders and was sold in Egypt. In due course, Yoosuf became the ruler of Egypt and he brought his family to Egypt and were settled there. Thus the children of Israel arrived in Egypt. Gradually, the teachings of Yoosuf were forgotten by the people including the children of Israel and they immersed in cow worship and other immoral deeds. The Pharaohs from the ‘Qibthi’ race became the Egyptian rulers and they suppressed the children of Israel and made them slaves. Then Messenger Moses was sent by Allah to save the children of Israel.

Though Messenger Moses and his half-brother Prophet Haroon conducted spiritual instructions in Egypt for years, only one among the Pharaoh’s people became a believer. Finally, Lord saved Moses and the children of Israel by parting the sea as told in verse 26: 63. Then bestowed them with so many bounties and honored more than any ‘other-people’. More than half of the Prophets who have been specifically mentioned in Lord’s Book such as Moses and Jesus from among ‘Ulul-Azm’ (determined Messengers) are included in the children of Israel. Prophet Suleiman who was bestowed with power, dignity, and majesty; and Messenger Dawood and the three pairs having father and son as Prophets also belong to them. Before deploying Messenger Muhammad, the leadership of the world was in the hand of the children of Israel. But they gradually became arrogant, and they concealed and distorted the Lord’s Book, assassinated some of the Prophets and even tried to kill Jesus.

By hiding the Thourath (Lord’s Book) the Jewish priests lead a hypocritical life and strayed the people to for bodily life without considering the soul. They were addressed as whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but the inside is full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean. Though Jesus preached against their exploitation and misguiding, the children of Israel were not ready to believe. (For details see the Gospel of Mathew: 23: 1-36) Only 13 disciples from among them were ready to follow Jesus. The Jewish priests influenced the Roman Governor to crucify Jesus. Thus they decided to crucify him. But the Mighty exalted Lord raised Jesus bodily up into the 2nd Heaven. As explained in verses 4: 157-158: “Lord Allah raised him by a whirlwind to Heaven and transformed Surjjas’ face (Judas—one of the disciples) as that of Jesus”. Then the Roman soldiers captured Judas and he was crucified. The rest of the 12 disciples were trembled by facing the situation i.e. the disbelief of the people, the mocking and spy work of Jewish priests, the partiality of Roman rulers, etc. So they couldn’t explain to the people the fact that Jesus was bodily raised by the Lord. Afterward, they couldn’t work together in a place and so they disintegrated and continued preaching the Message individually in different places. Meanwhile ‘Paul’, one of the Jews among the enemy of Jesus, came as a self-declared ‘apostle’ and started to preach a new way of belief against the Message and teaching of Jesus under the support and permission of Jews and Roman rulers. Thus they disintegrated into different groups and deviated from the Straightpath as explained in verse 3: 52-55.

After Jesus, when the world became dark and was about to be destroyed, Lord deputed Muhammad as the Prophet and Messenger. He has been mentioned as ‘Kalki’ in the Hindu Scriptures and the ‘steward’ or ‘the soul of Truth’ in the Bible. The ignorance of the morally degraded children of Ismael became so dark that both males and females were encompassing the Ka’bah in the nude. In a situation in which it was impossible to live contacting the outer world, Muhammad started to live in the ‘Hira cave’ lonely. It was then “Jibreel” (Gabriel), the Messenger from the Angels, arrived with the Message as told in verses 53: 1-17 and 81: 19- 27. It was told to Muhammad to read out the first 5 verses from the Surath 96. When Muhammad replied: “I am not the one who reads”, Jibreel embraced him and he became breathless. Then the soul was connected to Paradise and he could read verses which were already taught from Paradise. Thus within 23 years, the revelation of the 6236 verses of the Lord’s Book was completed.


Islam, the natural way of life, is the submission of the will and whole life to the Creator Lord, or a lifestyle codified under the Light of the Lord’s Book which is satisfied by the Lord for the entire mankind from the beginning to the Last Day as explained in verses 3: 19 and 85. All 313 Messengers were deputed into mankind with Adhikr—the Truth and Proof—into mankind to teach mankind that, there is no deity except Allah and to serve Him alone as told in verses 4: 163; 21: 24-25; 41: 43 and 53: 56.

Lord has taught through His Messenger: “After 30 years of Messenger’s departure, Islam will be deteriorated, and the Book reading people will be of 3 groups: (1) Fajir who eats the body of the Book or eats by using It, by which he darts away from Islam as an arrow darts away from its bow. (2) Kafir (hypocrite) who knowingly hides even the names of the Book. (3) Believer who says what he does and does what he says”. Among these three, the believer only will be benefitted from the reading of the Book. The other two, Fajir and Kafir who are the Fujjar, whose ledger is in Sijjeen of the Hell as told in verse 83: 7. Fujjar are the Kuffar as told in verse 83: 34 and 36. Each group among the Kuffar are destined to the seven doors of Hell as explained in verses 15: 44. The above mentioned first and second groups will blame, curse and abuse mutually in Hell as explained in verses 2: 166-167. They will wail in the Hereafter as “Woe to me if I had not taken so-and-so as my intimate friend, he made me astray from Adhikr after It had come to me, Satan was a manifest traitor to man” as told in verse 25: 27-29. 

Ummath (Community) and Quom (People)

The difference between ‘Community’ (Ummath) and ‘People’ (Quom) can be understood by utilizing Adhikr as the Criterion and the Insight. The entire mankind from the appointment of Muhammad as the Messenger until the Last Day belongs to his ‘Community’, whereas the ‘Quom’ includes addressees (Meccan pagans) of Messenger’s time, Arabic Quran reading Fujjar, and the beliecers until the Last Day. Verse 16: 89 says: “And the Day when We shall call a witness from every community to testify against them, and We shall call you to testify against this people; that is why We have sent down to you a Book (Adhikr) which explains each and everything clearly, that is a Guidance, a Mercy and a Herald for those True Muslims- who submitted wholly to the Lord”.

Just like all other Messengers, Muhammad also will witness against the ‘Quom’ on the Day of Judgment as explained in verses 25: 30. The Arabic Quran reading hypocrites have established different intercessors and protectors justifying that they will bring people close to the Lord. Thus, they are misguiding their followers from the Straightpath and thus they became the Mushriks. On the Day of Judgment, these so-called intercessors and patrons will witness against them saying: “You provided them and their forefathers with prosperities until they forgot Adhikr and they became a worthless people” as told in verses 25: 17-18. As told in verse 11: 17 whoever hides Adhikr–the Witness, Guide, and Truth– from among different groups of Muslims, then the Fire is promised to him.

The inmates of the Hellfire are coming from the Quom (people) of concerned Messengers who hide and reject Adhikr—The Message—as specified in verses 2: 39; 5: 67 and 39: 32. It is told in verse 13: 11 that indeed, Lord doesn’t change the condition of a people until they change it by themselves. The hypocrites and their followers belonging to Muhammad’s Quom are rejecting Adhikr and are falsifying every Messenger and Prophet. These soulless and worthless people will witness against their soul that "indeed, they were disbelievers” at the time of their death vide verse 7: 37, and on the Day of Judgment vide verse 6: 130. Any Muslim, if didn’t testify the Best Book Adhikr in his life, at the time of his death Lord, will tell him: “Verily you received My verses, you rejected Them, and you acted arrogantly, and you were among the Kafirs” as told in verse 39: 59. Fujjar are the Mujirims who ridicule the odd-believer who testifies Adhikr as told in verse 83: 29. Mujirims are serving Satan without utilizing their intelligence as explained in verses 36: 59-62. To record their deeds in the Illiyeen ledger of the Paradise mentioned in verse 83: 18, the gates of heaven will not be opened for them, and they will not enter Paradise until a camel can pass through the eye of the tailor’s needle as explained in verse 7: 40. As told in verse 32: 18, anyone among Messenger’s people didn't become a believer with Adhikr, he is a transgressor.

Verse 2: 62: “Indeed, those who are believed, those who are Jews, Christians, Sabeans, anyone who believed with Lord Allah and the Last Day, and does honorable deeds, they have their reward with their Lord, and there shall be no fear upon them and for them will not be grieved”.

As explained in verses 4: 163-164, for all 313 Messengers from Nooh to Muhammad, Lord’s Book Adhikr was revealed. Adhikr revealed to Messenger Muhammad contains all the 312 Books and their upright explanations as explained in verses 5: 48 and 16: 44. Whoever testifies and follows It will enter Paradise. Every man takes birth in Islam. The one who submits his all will and power to the Creator Lord can only include in Islam presented by 313 Books and 313 Messengers. 

But today every people in different religions including Messengers people are deviated from the real way of life—Islam. However, Islam which is the Natural Way of Life is comparatively reflected more among Jains, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Christians, atheists, etc. of Messenger Muhammad’s community than that of his people. 

From among the Messenger’s People only those who become believer utilizing Adhikr—the Ticket— can only return to Paradise. No one can make anyone a believer, but male or female by utilizing the Permission mentioned in verse 10: 100, Insight mentioned in verse 6: 104, Guidance mentioned in verse 17: 15 and the Truth mentioned in verses 10: 108 and 39: 41 can only become a believer.

 Al- Kitab (The Book): 

The Lord of the universe who created heavens, earth, and all the things in between them from nothingness is the Omniscient. Adhikr being His Wise Words is the Knowledge of the past, present, and future. One-third of Lord’s verses are concerned with the past, one third with the present and one third with the future—the warning of the events to happen. First of all, He documented and kept the Adhikr in a safe compact disc which is the constitution of the universe and His ways and practices of all time as explained in verse 2: 2.

Adhikr was periodically revealed from Paradise to the Earth having the same soul with different bodies. That is to say, if the body of Bhagavat Gita is Sanskrit, the body of the Torah is Hebrew, the body of Psalm is Greek, the body of Injeel is Aramaic and the body of last version of Adhikr is in Arabic. So all the Scriptures revealed are Quran. The word ‘Quran’ in Arabic means ‘the Book for repeated reading’. As told in verses 15: 90-91 it can be understood that all the previous Books revealed is the Quran. The ‘Zaboor’ (Psalm) mentioned in verses 4: 163 and 21: 105 is Quran itself. The only difference is it was in poetical form. ‘Adhikr’ means Soul of the Book in one’s heart’s language. It is the Food, Cloth, and Sight of the human soul as told in verses 6: 104; 7: 26 and 11: 88. Lord taught through His Messenger that the seven repeatedly coming verses mentioned in verse 15: 87 is ‘Ummulkithab’—Fatiha. Both in verses 13: 39 and 43: 4 it is mentioned that Ummulkithab—mother of the Book—is with the Lord. If all Messengers were given the Adhikr only, both Adhikr and Ummul-Kitab is given to Messenger Muhammad.

Ar-Rooh (The Spirit): 

As per verses 4: 171; 15: 29; 32: 9 and 38: 72, all mankind including Messenger Jesus have been given ‘Rooh’ from the ‘Rooh’ of the Creator. As told in verses 16: 102; 26: 193; 78: 38 the Angel Jibreel has been mentioned as ‘Rooh’. In verses 16: 2 and 42: 52 Adhikr is mentioned as ‘Rooh’. Adhikr is the soul of the Book and the meaning is Its life. ‘Rooh’ of the Book is known as ‘Kalimath’ which can’t be completed by writing and saying as told in verses 18: 109 and 31: 27. The latest form of Adhikr mentioned in verse 41: 41 contains all the previous 312 Books and their upright explanation as told in verse 16: 44. It explains each and everything as told in verse 16: 89.

Sleep is a minor death. During the sleep the only soul is departing from the body and life is not departing as explained in verses 6: 60 and 39: 42, while in the death the Rooh containing soul + life is departing. One has the soul only when the remembrance of the Lord is maintained with Adhikr. Those who don’t testify Adhikr and don’t propagate It to others after receiving are in the state of sleep. That is, they have only life without a soul. That is why it is told that the hypocrites who knowingly hide Adhikr are killed as told in verses 2: 99; 63: 4 and 80: 17.