(11) Hood

With the name of Allah, the Impartial, the Compassionate.

(11) Hood

This Surath containing 123 verses is revealed during the Messenger's Meccan life along with the Surath Yoonus. This Surath got the name Hood from verse 50. It is reported by Aboobacker that the contents of this Surath as well as Al-Waqia, Naba', Thakweer and Al-Haqa have made Messenger hoary-headed.

This Surath reminds mankind that by utilizing the Wise Reminder Adhikr and by serving Lord alone one can fulfill the aim of life. Before the creation of heaven and earth, Lord's Throne was situated on the water. Mankind is deputed into the earth to testify who among them will do the best deeds and live here by seeing the Impartial Lord. Lord has challenged for bringing 10 Suras like this to those who say that this Book is forged by the Messenger. 

Those who hide and reject Lord's Book Adhikr, they will have nothing except Fire in the Hereafter. By explaining the historical events of Messenger Noah through verses 25-49, Lord teaches that only a heedful man/woman will have good consequences. No Messenger or believer can save any disbeliever even though he/she belongs to his family.

Verses 50-60 mention Messenger Hood challenging his disbelieving people, and when they became transgressors and wrongdoers Lord wiped them out saving Messenger and believers. Through verses 61-68 it is explained about Messenger Swalih and his people. Through verses 69-76 it is explained about the Angels who came as guests to Messenger Ibrahim for giving herald about son Ishaaq. Through verses 77-89, it is explained about the Angels who went to Prophet Loot for informing about the punishment going to happen upon his Mujirim people including his woman. Through verses 84-95, it explained about Prophet Shuhaib and his people who were destroyed just like the Thamud people. Through verses 96-99, it is explained about the historical events between Messenger Moses and Pharaoh. 

This Surath teaches that with the Best Book Adhikr, the believer should keep the remembrance of Lord always and should forbid all evils with It. It also teaches that when all become Mujirims and wrongdoers without forbidding evils, they will be destroyed. Those who didn't testify Adhikr-the Mercy will be disintegrated into different groups in this world and Hell will be filled with them altogether. This Surath ends by saying that everything returns to the Lord of the universe, so everyone should entrust and serve Him alone.