(Annisa) 4 : 159
وَإِنْ مِنْ أَهْلِ الْكِتَابِ إِلَّا لَيُؤْمِنَنَّ بِهِ قَبْلَ مَوْتِهِ ۖ وَيَوْمَ الْقِيَامَةِ يَكُونُ عَلَيْهِمْ شَهِيدًا

And indeed, none of the people of the Book will be there without believing with him before his death, while on the Day of Judgment he will be a witness upon them.

People of the Book mentioned here are the people who received a portion of the Lord’s Book. So anyone who has Knowledge from the Book, at the time of death will believe in the matter of Jesus as it should be believed. But that belief won’t be beneficial to them. Every Arabic Quran reading Fujjar who is denoted as the true disbeliever in verses 4: 150-151 will hear from the Lord at the time of his/ her death that indeed he/she was among the disbelievers as told in verses 39: 58-59. The Jews, Christians, and all other people will approve of Adhikr and Islam after Jesus kills Antichrist. Then they all will kill the true disbelievers testifying the verse 4: 91.

All the 313 Messengers like Jesus, Moses, and Muhammad came with the same Message as explained in verses 4: 163-164. The Day of Judgment is decided for judging among mankind concerning whatever matters they were different as explained in verse 2: 113. It is told in verses 5: 116-117: “On the Day of Judgment Lord will ask Jesus: ‘Have you told mankind to select you and your mother as two deities besides Me?’ He will reply: ‘Glory to You, it is not suitable for me to say what I had no right to say; if I had said so, then surely You would have Known it. You know what is in my soul while I don’t know what is Your Soul. Indeed, you are the Knower of all unseen things; I had never told them anything except what You Commanded with. That is, to serve Lord Allah, their Lord, and my Lord, and I was a witness upon them as long as I was with them; when You took back me, You were ever watching upon them, and You are a Witness upon everything’”.

Today Fujjar by forgetting Adhikr and the Lord are leading an anti-natural satanic life all over the world. The mischievous activities such as sodomy, fornication, prostitution, raping, bloodshed, bomb blasting, hawala, terrorism, destruction of nature, drug trafficking, smuggling, human trafficking, and extravagant life are seen more in countries where Fujjar are in majority. The Fujjar majority places are the places having the worst living conditions without peace and tranquility. The Fujjar scholars are the worst creatures beneath the sky as Lord taught through His Messenger. Most of them are teaching ‘the body of the Book’. Some of them are even teaching Its meaning which is only Its life as explained in verse 3: 10. But none of them learns or teaches Adhikr which is the Food, Cloth and, Sight of the human soul. The Fujjar are teaching their children Lord’s Book just like the Jews were teaching their Book to their children during Messenger’s period. As told in verses 2: 146 and 6: 20, those to whom Lord has given the Book should recognize the Lord, himself, His Messenger, Lord’s Book, Angels, Satan, Day of Judgment, etc. more than they recognize their children. But by rejecting the Wise Reminder Adhikr, the Fujjar are not following or witnessing Messenger’s life among mankind. It is told in verse 98: 6: “Indeed those who hide the Truth Adhikr among the people of the Book (hypocrites) and those who associate others in Lord’s dominion (blind followers) will be in the Hellfire, they will dwell in it forever, they are the worst of creatures on land”.

If Adhikr is used as the Insight or Balance or Criterion, everyone can see that there are a lack of promise fulfilling people, squanderers getting dignity and honor, incapable and worthless becoming leaders, deterioration of modesty, ladies becoming naked even though wearing pardas, increasing sodomy and adulteration, increasing bastards on earth, engagement of boys and girls in illegal sex before puberty, flattening of earth, earth becoming illuminated and decorated, spontaneous destruction of crops, entering wild animals to human inhabitations, engulfing land by seas, quick passing of time, remaining the text of Lord’s Book without Its soul, masjids becoming huge building without the Guidance Adhikr, etc. These all are indicating the approach of the earth’s pole shift. Lord taught through His Messenger: “During the Last period the concentration point of Fujjar will be females”. But today their morality has become even worse than that the daughters are being raped by their parents and grandparents. Thus their concentration point has become vaginas rather than females. Fujjar are only reading verse 38: 24 that gives the warning that all mingling male and female are having thirst for illegal sex with one another except those who believed and do righteous deeds, and they are only a few. By seeing the mischievous lifestyle of Fujjar, the other people belonging to Messenger’s community are also becoming worse. The true believers from mankind all over the world will be separated from Fujjar and will be gathered into Hejaz by the proclamation of Caliph Mahdi.

Shortly, at Hejaz which includes the two provinces Mecca and Medina- Caliph Mahdi will appear as the leader of believers. First, he will make his appearance at Messenger’s Masjid of Medina where he will not be accepted. Then he will reach Mecca, there too he will be denied. Then the odd believers migrated to Mecca from different countries such as Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria will accept him and pledge with him. Saudi Arabian rulers will consider Mahdi as a terrorist. So they will contact the Syrian ruler informing that their citizens have pledged with the terrorist, and will demand to seize them back. Thus a Syrian force will start to Mecca which will be drowned in the desert on the way. This supernatural event by the Lord will cause to approve Mahdi as a leader by the whole world including Saudi Arabia, America, and Israel. Thus Hejaz will come under the leadership of Mahdi. Then the believers among mankind all over the world irrespective of nation or religion will be gathered there testifying Lord’s teaching through His Messenger: “The believers will be gathered at Hejaz from all over the world as a snake crawls to its hole”. Thus the “World Triumph” will occur as told in verses 32: 29, 48: 6, and 48: 25. Verse 32: 28 mentions the disbelievers’ mocking question to the believers: “When will this promise of Triumph be fulfilled if you are so truthful”. Then Lord commands the believer to reply through verse 32: 29 as: “On the Day of Triumph, accepting the faith will not be benefited to the disbelievers, nor they will be given respite”.

It is told in verses 9: 32 and 61: 8: “The hypocrites are wishing to extinguish out Lord's Light Adhikr with their mouths, while Lord will spread His Light throughout the world even though disbelievers hate it.” Justifying these verses, Adhikr will be translated into different languages and will be propagated throughout the world. After the departure of the last ‘Sabiq’ (forerunner believer to Paradise), pole shift of earth will occur and the emergence of Antichrist will happen.

Lord taught through His illiterate Messenger: "The children of Adam will not be afflicted with more subversion than that of Antichrist. All the Prophets have warned their people about the subversion caused by Antichrist. Messenger Muhammad said: “I am the last Prophet and so Antichrist will appear on you. Therefore, you teach your children about Antichrist”. Antichrist will appear as a famous general of the Israel army in the name of ‘Mose-Dayal’ (Maseeh-A-Dajjal in Arabic). Lord taught through His Messenger: “Thirty pseudo-prophets will come forth from onwards Musailimathul-Kaddhab (who came at the time of Messenger itself)”. Among them, Antichrist will be the final pseudo-prophet. He will pervade all over the world and will bring the world under his ruling power except Hejaz. Lord taught through His Messenger: “Three years before the coming of Antichrist, the rainfall and agriculture will become less by one-third. It will become less by two-third in the second year. And during the third year, there will be no agriculture and rainfall. At that time, he will appear”. Messenger also taught: “On that period, the believers will live by Glorifying Lord, Praising Lord, remembering Lord's Solitary, and remembering His Greatness by soul”. Most probably Antichrist will be the first cloned man. He is the tallest creature among humans, and the ultimate abilities of Satan will be expressed through him. First, he will argue that he is a Prophet, and will cause rainfall, germinate agriculture, and give food to people. Later he will argue that he is the lord. He will ask a villager: “Will you accept me as the lord if I am resurrecting your dead father and mother back to life?” And he will resurrect his father and mother utilizing cloning or by any other method. The Messenger said: “Satan will form as his father and mother, and then the father and mother will tell their son that the Antichrist is his lord, so to accept him”. Verse 23: 14 ends as: “So blessed be Allah the best of all creators” means that there are creators besides Lord. Satan in the form of Antichrist is given the power to create. Adhikr—the Wise reminder—is not against that claim that Satan and Mose-Dayal’ have the ability of creation. “Allah is the Best Creator of all creators” means that only Lord can create anything out of nothingness. And also that in any way, Lord is the One Who can give Spirit (Life + Soul).

The companions asked Messenger: “How long will Antichrist stay on earth?” The Messenger replied: “Forty days. The first day will be as long as a year, the second day as long as a month, the third day as long as a week, and the rest of the days will be like the ordinary days”. Companions asked: “Oh Messenger! How quick will he reach all over the earth?” The Messenger replied: “Like clouds driven by the wind he will reach all the places wherever mankind resides”.

A believer from Medina will come to Antichrist for confirming his appearance and will tell him: “Surely, you are the same Antichrist whose description was given us by Lord's Messenger”. Then Antichrist will say to the people: “If I kill this man and bring him back to life again, will you approve me as the Lord?” The believer will reply: “No”. Then Dajjal will split him into two equal vertical parts and separate to a distance of a spear. Then by rejoining both parts he will resurrect him. The believer will say: “I was unable to see and distinguish you before in deep Insight as of today”. By hearing this, Antichrist will try again to kill him but will fail.

It is told in verse 6: 103: “No Visions comprehends the Lord, while He comprehends all visions; indeed He is the Knower of innermost feelings, Well-Acquainted”. Lord taught through His Messenger: “Oh servants of Lord, you will not see your Lord from this world, but you will see Him only after death. Your Lord is having two eyes, but Antichrist is having one active eye. His right eye will be like a dry-sucked grape”. Even the illiterate believer who utilizes Adhikr as the Insight can recognize him as the disbeliever, but the hypocrites who hide Adhikr will welcome and help him, and the weakling disbelievers will be entrapped by him because he will fulfill their ambitions. All the hypocritical men and women who live in Hejaz will be expelled and banished from there. There will be hell and paradise with Antichrist. But his hell will be the paradise for believers, while his paradise will be a paradise for hypocrites and hell for believers. Lord taught through His Messenger: “This world is like a hell for the believers, and they will get Paradise only after the death; but for the hypocrites, this world is like the paradise and they will get the Hell by death”. Hypocrites are eagerly waiting for Antichrist’s paradise so that they will get young beautiful women and handsome men for fulfilling their wild sexual ambitions. Today we can see that they are living for such nasty ambitions.

For the last fight against Antichrist, the believers will gather in Syria at the ‘white minaret Masjid of Damascus’ under the leadership of Mahdi. While getting ready for the prayer, they will hear a buzzing sound, and the believers will look at the sky. They will see Jesus descending by placing his hands on the wings of two Angels like sitting in an armed chair. He will be dressed in saffron-colored cloths like a monk’s. When he will be called to lead the prayer, he will say that the believers are leaders to one another, and hence you perform prostration in the leadership of the one to whom leadership is assigned. And Jesus will perform prostration behind Caliph Mahdi. After prostration, the doors of the Masjid will be opened as commanded by Jesus, and there will be Antichrist and his 70,000 soldiers ready to fight against believers. On seeing Jesus, Antichrist will start to melt just as salt dissolves in water. Then Jesus and believers will follow him and will catch him at the place of ‘Babu-Ludh’ (Ben Gurion airport at Lyda). And Jesus will kill him with his spear and will show the blood to mankind. Then the believers from Hejaz will kill the 70,000 soldiers with him. The agitators in towns mentioned in verse 33: 60 include those 70,000 Jew soldiers and all other terrorists all over the world who are making agitations and bloodshed. People other than Fujjar all over the world will recognize and approve of Adhikr and Islam as their way of life. Then the hypocrites and those who have a disease in their hearts specified in verse 33: 60 who hide and reject Adhikr, and falsify Messenger and Islam will not find any shelter or hiding place anywhere in the world. Even every tree and stone will proclaim that a disbeliever is hiding behind it, so to seize and kill them. Then all other people belonging to Messenger Muhammad’s community will implement the command of verses 4: 91; 5: 33; 9: 5, 123, and 33: 60-61 which was not implemented till that day. Today the Fujjar who are hiding and rejecting Adhikr are expecting that they will get the ultimate Victory. As they are approving Antichrist as prophet and lord, they will be killed by other people whom they considered as Kafirs. It is told in verse 3: 83: “Everything on earth and heaven will approve Islam willingly or unwillingly”. Thus THE ULTIMATE VICTORY IS FOR ISLAM… BUT NOT THROUGH THE ARABIC QURAN READING FUJJAR will happen true. Lord says through verse 48: 6: “The ultimate victory for believers will happen to punish the hypocritical men and women, and the men and women who associate others in the dominion of Lord, whose thought about Allah was evil. Allah’s wrath and curse are affected upon them, and He has kept the Hell for them, what an evil returning place!” Note that ‘men and women who are associating others in the dominion of Allah’ are the strayed Fujjar mentioned in verse 1: 7.

Thus the ruling power of the world will come into the hands of Jesus from Antichrist, and he will rule the world centralizing Mecca as the capital. On that day the whole World will become like one country, and there will be one way of life which is Islam, one Deity, and one Qibla (concentration point). On realizing the true faith, the Christians themselves will break their crosses and kill the swine, and Hindus themselves will remove idols from their temples. On that day Peace and freedom will come on earth so that even a woman can travel anywhere at any time in the world without fearing others. Thus, the command of verse 43: 60 which says: “If it were Lord's intention, Lord would have made Angels from among you as successors on earth” will come true. That means men and women on earth will be transformed to the characters of Angels and they will lead a life here peacefully and tranquility without any diversity in color, sex, religion, caste, etc. On those days sexual intercourse will not be there like that of Paradise. All the believing men and women will become brothers and sisters, and thus the life of Paradise will happen on the earth. On that day harmony of mankind will be flourished on the earth. After ruling the world for seven years, Jesus will die at the age of forty and will be buried in a grave near to Messenger Muhammad's which is kept vacant now.

It is told in verse 6: 158: “What are they waiting except the Angels come to them, or the Day when some of your Signs arrive, belief in them will not benefit for any person who has not believed in them already, nor has earned some good through his faith”. Now only the Ten Crucial Signs of the Doomsday are remaining to appear which the Lord has taught through His Messenger. They are rising of the sun from the west as explained in verse 2: 258, smoke which will spread throughout the earth as explained in verse 44: 10, the emergence of monster who says that mankind is not having confirmed belief with Lord’s verses as explained in verse 27: 82, spreading of Gog and Magog as explained in verse 21: 96, emerging of Antichrist and the second coming of Jesus as explained in verse 4: 159, downing the earth to deepness in three places (one in east, other in the west, and the third in Arabian peninsula) as warned through verses 16: 45; 28: 81, and 67: 16, and the fire from Yemen leading the people to the Day of Judgment as explained in verses 21: 97 and 23: 101.