(Annisa) 4 : 158
بَلْ رَفَعَهُ اللَّهُ إِلَيْهِ ۚ وَكَانَ اللَّهُ عَزِيزًا حَكِيمًا

Rather Lord Allah lifted him into Himself, and Allah is the Exalted, the Wise.

The Jews plotted to kill Jesus, the Messenger of Lord who was inviting mankind to serve Lord alone. They influenced the roman rulers for this. But the Three-Time-Knower Lord says through this verse that they have neither killed nor crucified him, but it seemed to them so by crucifying Surjjas instead of Jesus. Thus they were failed in their attempt as explained in verses 3: 52-56.

“Those who differ in his matter are also in a never-ending doubt” implies about the Christians and the people of the last Messenger who are unaware of the true Knowledge Adhikr. Some of the Christians believe that Christ (Jesus) got crucified by bearing all the sins of the entire mankind. Among them, some believe that he was not crucified. Some others believe that he got crucified, resurrected, and raised on the third day. Today, none of the Christians has a true belief about Messenger Jesus. Messengers are sent with the Message, so nobody can kill them as told in verse 40: 51. Adhikr was not sent down with Prophets. But they have been following Adhikr which was sent down to Messenger earlier. That is why so many Prophets have been killed. Today it is commanded to be the proud representatives of the Lord by holding fast Adhikr which is the Safeguard against all calamities and disasters as explained in verses 3: 79 and 3: 102. By doing so the believer can even decide his death as explained in verse 3: 145. The true belief about the Lord can be formed only when one understands the power of the Lord from His Book. Then only he understands what the Almighty Lord acted in the case of Jesus.

The Lord is the One Who changed the nature of fire into cool and peace for Messenger Ibrahim as explained in verses 21: 68-70. He also showed Ibrahim how He gives life to the dead as explained in verse 2: 260. While passing through a township that was fallen upon its roof, Prophet Uzair soliloquized that who is there to bring that dead town back to life? or how could Lord bring this dead town back to life? Then Lord caused Uzair to die and resurrected after a hundred years and resurrected his donkey by assembling its bones and covering it with flesh as explained in verse 2: 259. Naturally, the snakes are born by evolving of egg or by delivery, but Lord is the One Who changed the staff of Messenger Moses to a snake against the law of nature. Lord is the One Who has given a camel which is not begotten as a sign for the people of Thamud as explained in verses 26: 141-159. When the seven youngsters announced that they wouldn't appeal and pray to anyone except their Owner Lord, Lord led them to a cave by making them follow a dog which not begets nor begotten and caused them to sleep in a cave for about three hundred years as explained in verses 18: 9-26. Lord is the One Who inspired Messenger Moses to strike the sea with his staff and made the sea separated into two seawater towers, and thus made a dry path in the sea for the Children of Israel as explained in verses 20: 77 and 26: 63. Lord is the One Who brought Pharaoh and his troops to that dry path and made them drowned by causing the two parts of the seawater to join. Lord is the One Who kept the dead body of Pharaoh safely in the sea for about 2800 years and then shifted into the Egyptian Museum as explained in verses 10: 90-92. Lord is the One who inspired Moses to strike on the rock with his staff and made gushed forth twelve springs from it when Moses asked for drinking water for the Children of Israel as explained in verse 2: 60. Lord is the One Who saved Messenger Nooh, the believers and two pairs of all living species of the World in an ark, and drowned all disbelievers in the flood as explained in verses 11: 25-49. Lord is the One Who sent the birds ‘Ababeel’ which pelted the stones to destruct the elephant army of ‘Abrahath’ who came to demolish Ka’bah and thus made them just like chewed-up chaff, even though there were 360 idols inside the Ka’bah as told in verses 105: 1-5. Lord is the One Who saved Prophet Yoonus from the belly of whale when he prayed with his soul as: “There is no Deity except You, You are the Glorious One without doing any sin, surely I have become among the wrongdoers” as explained in verses 21: 87-88. Lord is the One Who gave food to Maryam, the mother of Jesus, in an unseen way. Lord is the One Who gave Prophet Yahiya to Prophet Zakariya as the son in his old age beyond any cause and reason as explained in verses 3: 37-41. Lord is the One Who created Adam without a father and mother. Lord is the One who created Jesus without a father and made Jesus talk with the People while in the cradle itself as explained in verses 19: 28-34. Lord is the One who gave Jesus the ability to heal the blind and the lepers, and even to bring the dead back to life as explained in verses 3: 49 and 5: 110. Lord is the One Who sent down heavenly food tray by making Jesus pray for that as explained in verses 5: 114-115. Lord is the One Who transformed the Jews into swine who doubted about the heavenly food tray after eating from it and defied the Sign of Lord as explained in verse 5: 60. Lord is the One Who transformed the Jews into apes as a lesson for succeeding generations when they transgressed the Sabbath day as explained in verses 2: 65-66. Lord is the One Who made Jinns and Satans obedient to Prophet Suleiman as told in verses 34: 12-14. Lord is the One Who caused to bring the throne of Queen Sheba to Prophet Suleiman within a twinkling of an eye when a person who has Knowledge from the Book prayed for it as explained in verses 27: 38-40. Lord is the One Who taught the language of birds and beasts to Prophet Suleiman as explained in verses 27: 18-19. Prophet Ayyoob was affected by Satan with distress and suffering for fifteen years, then he prayed as told in verse 21: 83 as: “Adversity has afflicted me, Oh Lord! You are the Most Merciful among the Merciful”, Lord is the One Who cured all his diseases, restored him his family, and doubled his wealth as well as offspring as told in verses 38: 41-44. 

Lord is the One Who created male and female from Nuthfa (Sperm from male and ovum from female) when it is emitted as told in verse 53: 45-46. Lord is the One Who survives the life in the body by keeping the Spirit (life + soul), and He is the One Who causes to die by taking the Spirit from the body as told in verses 6: 60 and 39: 42. Lord is the One Who developed the heart, brain, flesh, skin, hair, eye, nose, etc. from a part of mingled sperm and ovum. Lord is the One without having the beginning and the end, the Incomparable, the Dictator, the One and only Dominion of everything who acts as He wishes. Nothing is unable for Allah who is the Lord of the Worlds. Through verses 82: 6-8, the Lord asks: “Oh man, what has lured you in the matter of your Lord Who created you from nothingness, then fashioned you, proportioned you, molded you, and numbered you in whatever form He pleased?” Lord is the One Who made Messenger Muhammad travel bodily from Mecca to Baithul-Muqadas and from there to Jannathul-Ma’wa which is situated above seven Heavens and the border of Cosmos and brought back in a single night as explained in verse 17: 1. Lord is the One Who raised Prophet Idrees bodily to Heaven as explained in verses 19: 56-57.

Adhikr is the Confirmed Truth as mentioned in verses 56: 95 and 69: 51. It is revealed to clear any doubt regarding any matter as explained in verse 2: 147. But the Arabic Quran reading Fujjar who are entitled to clear out the doubts regarding any matter with Adhikr are neither utilizing It nor are giving It to others. By doing so they are not ruining except themselves, but they perceive it not as explained in verse 6: 26. That is why Lord's wrath and curse are affected upon them, and they are hurrying for Antichrist. They will be killed by the other people belonging to Messenger's community after the second coming of Jesus as explained in verses 2: 90; 4: 91, and 5: 33. The Fujjar are denoted as the worst creatures in verse 8: 22 not because of not hearing and talking about the Arabic Quran, but Adhikr. See explanation 2: 28-33; 4: 1 and 7: 40.