With the name of Allah, the Impartial, the Compassionate.

(6) Al-An'aam

This Surath which contains 165 verses revealed all together at a time during the end of Messenger’s Meccan period. The name of this Surath came from the verses 138–139 and 143–144. Meccan pagans considered some cattle as forbidden and some as permitted according to their whim and selfishness. By revealing this Surath the Three Time Knower Lord is clearing to mankind what is forbidden and what is permitted. 

This Surath emphasizes the oneness of the Lord countering the shirk (associating others in the dominion the Lord of Universe). By inviting attention of people in to the natural signs such as sun, moon, stars and also to the germination, growth, and ruining of plants and cultivations, Lord emphasizes the presence of the Creator of Universe and the happening of the Day of judgment. This Surath mentions more about the Lord’s Book than any other Suras. This Surath warns that if Lord’s Book is not utilized and are not given to others for utilizing, they are ruining themselves. Such wrong doing people are not repudiating to Messenger or believer, but they are repudiating with the verses of the Lord. Believer can only warn who hears Adhikr with the participation of the heart. All other Muslims are like the dead and Lord has made lid upon their hearts and veil on their ears not to understand It, and they will be raised up and returned for the judgment. The verse 55 says that Lord’s verses are explained to clear out the ways of Mujirims for the mankind. The verses 89–90 warn that Lord’s Book Adhikr is the Reminder for the entire world, and if these– Mujirim people– who are the bearer of It hide It from the mankind, Lord will entrust It to another people who will not hide It. Anyway, Lord of the Universe will spread His Speech throughout the world before happening of the first crucial sign of the Dooms Day. The verse 104 says, whether male/ female if utilizes Lord’s Book as Insight, it is for the sake of him and if neglects, the loss is upon her. The verse 116 warns Prophet and believers not to obey hypocrites and their blindly following disbelievers who are following only guess and conjecture. The verse 153 says, this is the Lord’s Straight path, so follow It and not to follow other ways. This Surath warns that the human Satan and jinn Satan inspire the inner chest of mankind with attractive words of cheating in order to follow the strayed ways of forefathers. This Surath warns that whoever is turning away from the verses of Lord’s Book, he will be suffering evil punishment. The Prophet and the believer have nothing to do with Muslims who are divided into different groups and have become Mushriks. This Surath commands Prophet and believer to follow Adhikr– the Straight path– which is the way of life of Ibrahim– the upright– who was not among Mushriks. This Surath teaches that each soul is earning for its own, and no bearer of burden will bear others burden on the Day of Judgment. Each and every one should return to the Lord on the Day of Judgment, and then Lord will notify each of them in what they had been differing from the Book. This Surath concludes saying that the mankind created in the paradise is deputed in to the earth in order to test with whatever he/ she has been provided and to test who will bear the vicegerency of the Impartial Lord and who will bear vicegerency of Kafir Satan