With the name of Allah, the Impartial, the Compassionate.

(2) Al-Baqara

This Surath is revealed in Madina and is the largest Surath in the Book consisting of 286 verses. Prophet taught that everything has a peak point and the peak point of the Book is Al-Baqara. This Surath consists of the longest verse and the glorious verse. The glorious verse of the Book is the 255th and is known as the ‘Verse of throne’ (Ayathul Kursiyy) and the longest verse is 282th. Both Surath Al-Baqara and Ali-Imran are together known as ‘Zahravan’ which means two gardens of flowers. Prophet taught: You should learn and teach Al-Baqara and Ali-Imran, certainly they are the two gardens of flowers. Those who learn these Suraths with their soul, they will be provided with shades as two canopies of clouds or two turbans or two wings of a bird on the Day of Judgment.

The Lord Allah delivered the children of Israel from the Pharaoh and his folks by splitting the sea. They encamped in desert ‘Siena’. By the direction of the Lord, Prophet Moosa went to the ‘Mount-Thwoor’ to receive the Thourath by appointing his brother Haroon as the representative. This time, under the leadership of Samiriyy, the people melted all their ornaments and molded a calf. The Satan gave it a mooing sound. They began to worship it. To remove the cow adoration dissolved in their very heart, the Lord ordered them to sacrifice a cow which was used to worship. From this event, this Surath got the name ‘Al-Baqara’ which means ‘the cow’. This Surath teaches that Satan’s footsteps like cow adoration, following the way of forefathers blindly, selfishness, racialism, lusts, nationalism, communalism, partiality, etc. should be wiped out from one’s heart by Adhikr— the Food, Cloth and Sight of the soul-mate; and thus should keep the Lord in the heart.