With the name of Allah, the Impartial, the Compassionate.

(7) Al-Ahraf

The Surath contains 206 verses and was revealed during the last phase of Prophet’s Meccan period close to the revelation of Surath An’am (The cattle). The verses 46 and 48 of this Surath mention about a wall between the inhabitants of Paradise and the inhabitants of Fire. Upon its top there will be some men who recognize both the inhabitants of the Paradise and the Hellfire With their symptoms. From this, this Surath is named as ‘Al—A’raf’ which means the ‘recognizers’. This Surath teaches that Adhikr is the Insight for the soul to identify the one and the only path to Lord Allah as well as the different paths to the Satan. Whoever utilizes It as the Balance and Trust in this world for weighing his deeds will only be triumphant. It also teaches that when Adam and Hawwa (Eve) due to the temptation of the Satan engaged in the intercourse which is banned in the Paradise, they were got out from the Paradise bearing all mankind and their jinn soul mates. It teaches that Adhikr is the Food, Clothing and Sight of the human soul. For the disbelievers, Satan is the patron whereas for the believers the Impartial Lord Allah is the patron. This Surath warns that on the Day of Judgment one group who selected Lord Allah as the patron will be guided while other groups of Muslims who selected the Satan as their patrons will be the strayed. It also warns that the hypocrites who forge lies upon Allah and their blind followers who reject It will witness at the time of their death against their own soul that indeed they were disbelievers and these hypocrites who hide Lord’s Book and their blind followers who reject It are the Mujirims, the wrong doers and the inmates of Hell from the mankind. This Surath says about the men at the ‘height’ answering as ‘indeed the curse of Lord Allah is upon the wrongdoers’. This Surath warns the condition of the disbelievers in the hell fire asking for water and food to the believers in the Paradise; and the believers answering as ‘both of them are forbidden upon the disbelievers who selected their religion as play and amusement, and were deceived by the worldly life’. It teaches that Adhikr is the Three time Knowledge from the Three time Knower Lord, but only the believers will utilize It as the Guidance and Mercy. This Surath warns about the disbelievers wailing on the Day of Judgment as ‘our Messenger had come to us with the Truth; then is there any intercessors for us, or will we be sent back to the worldly life for doing virtuous deeds which we had not been doing in the worldly life’. Through the verses of this Surath it is taught that to all Messengers like Noah, Hood and Swalih, only Adhikr –soul of the Book – was revealed, and that the people of the concerned Prophet were rejecting the Message and the Messengers just like the Muslims— the people of Messenger Muhammed— have been doing. It also teaches that just like the Muslims have been doing evil deeds like anti natural sex— sodomy (Homosexual) and reducing weight and measure, the people of Prophet Looth were doing sodomy, the people of Shuaib were reducing weight and measure. Just like the people of Messenger Muhammed have not been fulfilling the covenant made at the Paradise, the people of concerned Messengers before also were not fulfilling the covenant. 

Historical events of Messenger Moosa who was deputed to Pharaoh and the competition held between the sorcerers and Moosa are also explained. This Surath also explains about the deviation of Israel children within the short period by worshiping a calf made with their ornaments. This Surath also teaches that no one can see Lord Allah by eyes in this world but can see Him by his soul utilizing the Insight. It warns that whoever is arrogant in this earth without the Truth Adhikr, Lord Allah will divert him/her from His verses; and whoever rejects Lord’s verses and the meeting with the Lord, all his deeds are in vain. The verses of this Surath teach that those who follow Adhikr— the Light— will only prosper and that Messenger Muhammed is deputed for the entire mankind from the Lord of the Universe. The Muslims who inherited the Lord’s Book are gathering worldly gain just like the Jews and Christians during the period of Messenger Muhammed were doing. This Surath reminds about the covenant everyone has made with Lord Allah and why such a covenant is taken from everyone. A verse of this Surath compares the hypocritical leaders of Muslims and their blind followers to a dog which will not change its attitude whether disturbed or not. It teaches that the Hell will be filled with the aimless hypocrites and their heedless blind followers who are not seeing or hearing the Book Dhikree. It also teaches that among the mankind a group is there guided with the Truth and are dealing justly with It. This Surath commands to see the Sovereignty of the Heavens and the earth. It also asks as ‘in which speech they are going to believe after rejecting Lord’s Speech Adhikr’. It teaches that all mankind is created from a single soul. The hypocrites and their blind followers are associating in the dominion of Lord Allah, and if they are called to the Guidance, they will not follow It. To such Muslims, the Prophet and the believers are commanded to challenge as ‘all of you and your associators gather together, and plot against and no need to give respite’. The heedful are those, whenever any temptation from the Satan affects, they will remember the Lord so that they will see the Insight. But the Satan will drag the heedless to the strayed path–the Satan’s house. This Surath teaches that Adhikr is the Insight for the entire mankind, and a Mercy and Guidance for the believing people. It commands to do ‘prostration of recitation’ by glorifying and remembering Lord Allah beseechingly and fearfully with the soul without uttering