With the name of Allah, the Impartial, the Compassionate.

(5) Al-Maeda

This Surath which contains 120 verses was revealed in Medina in the end of 6th year and in the beginning of  7th year of Hijra. As told in the verse 5: 114, for the question from disciples of Jesus, “Can your Lord send down a food tray upon us from the Heaven?” Jesus prayed to Lord for the Food tray from Heaven and it was granted. Jesus along with his 4000 disciples ate from it. But Jews among them became suspicious about the food tray by neglecting the Lord’s Warning mentioned in the verse 4: 115. Due to the continuous disobedience Lord cursed them and transformed them to swine as told in the verse 5: 60. From this incident this Surath got the name “Al-Maeda—the Food tray”.

During the 6th year of Hijra Messenger Muhammed along with 1400 followers started to Mecca for performing Umra. But they were prevented by the Meccan pagans at Hudaibiya which is 20 kms away from Mecca. Then a treaty named “Hudaibiya treaty” was made between Messenger and the leaders of Meccan Mushriks. As per the treaty Prophet and followers had to return to Medina without performing Umra and in the next year they can do it. This Sura includes verses about rules and regulations to be followed during Umra. The part of the 3rd verse of this Sura: “On this Day I have perfected your Dheen for you, and I have completed My blessing upon you and I have satisfied Islam as your Dheen” is the last revelation of Lord’s Book

By reminding about the first murder committed by Qabeel on Habeel, Lord Allah gives Judgment for murder through this Surath. As told in the verses 5: 44-45 and 47, whoever received the Book but doesn’t Judge in his individual, family and social life with It, he is the disbeliever, wrongdoer and transgressor. The usage of liquor and intoxicants, customs and character of Meccan Mushriks upon livestock like Baheerath, Wasweelath and Haam were mentioned as the footsteps of Satan. This Surath also mentions about the questioning of the Messengers by the Lord about their followers