With the name of Allah, the Impartial, the Compassionate.

(3) Ali-Imran

‘Ali-Imran’ means ‘Imran’s family’. This Surath got Its name from the verse 33 which mentions about ‘Imran family’. This Surath contains the verses which explain about the ‘Battle of Bad’r and ‘Battle of Uh’d’ taken place in the 2nd and 3rd year of ‘Hijra’ between the believers and the disbelievers respectively. It also contains some verses mentioning about the conversation of Christian delegates from Najran with Prophet in the 9th year of Hijra at Medina. After explaining the life history of Maryam, Jesus (the son of Maryam), Zakariya, Yahiya etc. it invites the ‘children of Israel’ during prophet’s period to the real way of life of their forefathers. As the Splendid Book Adhikr is the Book today for entire mankind, every verse which says about the “people of Book” is applicable only to the Muslims including the hypocrites and their blind followed disbelievers. This Surath teaches that the ‘Battle of Uh’d’ was made to separate the true believers and hypocrites among the Muslims. Islam is the only way of life which the Creator Lord satisfied for the entire creatures. This Surath also teaches that it is not possible for anyone even for prophet to bring or not to bring anyone into Islam (the True way of life). 

This Surath contains verses explaining the character of believers. It commands the believers to be ‘a single party’ by hold fasting Adhikr firmly. Surath Al-Baqara and Ali-Imran together are known as ‘Zahravan’ which means two gardens of flowers. It contains 200 verses. Prophet used to recite the verses from 190 to 200 as soon as he woke up from sleep.