With the name of Allah, the Impartial, the Compassionate.

(1) Al-Fathiha

Surath Fathiha is the preface of the Book which is revealed at Makkah. Prophet taught that this is the glorious Surath. The verse 15: 87 says: We have bestowed upon you the seven oft-repeatedly coming verses and the glorious Book. Prophet also taught that Fathiha is the Ummulkithab or the Ummul Qur’an—Mother of the Book. The Message of the whole Book is contained in these seven verses. Fathiha and the last two verses of Surath Al Baqara are the two lights which were not given to any Messenger except to Muhammad. These were given from the Paradise during Isra’-Wal-Mihraj (ascension to the Paradise and meeting with the Lord). While the servant asks for the Guidance to his Lord through Fathiha, the verses from 2: 1 to 114: 6 are given as the answer. All the 114 Sura from Fathiha to Annaas in Lord’s Book were revealed within 23 years as Guidance for the entire mankind. 

I seek refuge with the Lord Allah from the Satan, the outcast one.

It is commanded through the verse 16: 98 as ‘whenever you read the Book, you seek refuge with Lord Allah from the Satan, the outcast’. Prophet prayed as ‘I seek refuge with Lord Allah the all Hearing, the all knowing regarding the temptation and frightening of the cursed Satan as well as the evil practices like magic and sorcery of him. This prayer is also an implementation of the verses 23: 97-98 which says ‘my Lord! I seek refuge with You from the temptations of the Satan, I also seek refuge with You my Lord from his approach towards me.

When Iblis rejected to prostrate in front of the first man Adam, the Lord cursed and outcast him. Then he asked the Lord: My Lord! Was it not your intention that I didn’t prostrate? So you give me respite till the Day of Resurrection. The Lord said: You have been given respite till the day the Dheen is implemented on the Earth (up to the day when Jesus comes and kills the Kafir Satan—Antichrist). When he asked for more respite the Lord said: While Adam is given a child, you will also be given a child. You can reside in his heart and travel through the blood. Thus Iblis became the Satan. Then Satan said: My Lord, you have made me aimless. So I will show them the life of the Earth alluring and I will make them aimless of life except those who live only for serving You and who are Your innocent servants. The Lord said: This is My Straightpath, you can seduce anyone except those who lives as My vicegerent—keeping Me in his heart with Adhikr which is the Food, Cloth and Sight of the soulmate. You will have no influence or authority upon My servants except who made themselves in the wrong way and follow you. Then Hell is the promised abode for you and your followers. Therefore, anyone who doesn’t transform his Jinn soulmate mentioned in the verses 43: 36-39 into a believer with Adhikr—the Safeguard, he and his Jinn soul mate should enter the Hell. Read together 59: 16-17. 

Remember that the Satan prevents man not from the body of the Book, but from the Soul of the Book—Adhikr. That is why it is told in the verse 18: 101 that whoever didn’t see and hear the Book ‘Dhikree’ mentioned in the verses such as in 20: 14, 42; 38: 8, he is the Kafir entering to the Hell. The Lord taught through the Prophet: You recite the Book only when your reading is in harmony with your heart, when both of them (heart and reading) are apart, you stop reading and mind in your business. He also taught: The Book is a Witness and Argument either in favor or against you.So if the Book is read without knowing the content, the read Book will Witness and Argue against the reader. Prophet also taught: The most evil one among you is the Fajir who reads body of the Book without trying to understand Its content; and he will be darted away from Islam just like an arrow is darted from the bow. Through the verse 25: 29 the wrongdoers wailing on the Day of judgement is warned as “The Satan prevented me from Adhikr after It reached me, the Satan was a great betrayer to man.” 

Remember that it is not ordered to recite ‘Bismi’ when we start to read the Book which is the Speech of the Lord. But it is ordered to seek refuge to the Lord from the Satan for not preventing from understanding It as Lord Intends. 

With the name of Allah, the Impartial, the Merciful.

Believers should start any action with the name of the Lord Allah Who is the Impartial, the Merciful. This is not a verse of the Surath Fathiha, but is a part of the verse of 27: 30. Prophet used to pray three times in the morning and evening as: With the name of the Lord Allah with which never happens any mishap anywhere either on the Earth or in the sky, and He is the all-hearing, all-knowing. Whenever anyone is involving anything whether such as entering latrine, intercourse, eating food, getting into the vehicle, going out of the house or looking at the mirror, etc. he has to remember the Lord with his soul. ‘Bismi’ should not be uttered loudly to convince others. Any deed beginning without ‘Bismi’ (remembrance of the Lord with heart) whether it is in prayer, sacrifice or anything, it will be turned as the service to the Satan. Read together 6: 119-121 and 11: 41.